August 20 13:58 2019

“The atmospheric horror gem ‘BETWEEN THE DARKNESS’! This blend of myth and reality was one hell of a ride!” – Masters of the Nerdiverse

Los Angeles, CA – August 20, 2019 – ‘BETWEEN THE DARKNESS’ (aka ‘Come, Said the Night’) has arrived on digital streaming platforms. Watch it today:

Writer/director Andres Rovira’s (No Stranger Pilgrims, The Projectionist) feature debut BETWEEN THE DARKNESS (aka COME, SAID THE NIGHT) is a coming-of-age horror/thriller following a family plagued with beliefs rooted in Greek Mythology.

BETWEEN THE DARKNESS is the surprise horror flick of the year. It’s movie that explores the challenges that we go through on an everyday basis as well as the fragility of the human mind and soul. It reminds us that no matter how pure we may be, we are all sinners,” wrote Braindead Network.

A year after the unexpected death of her older sister, 13-year-old Sprout Grady (Nicole Moorea Sherman) and her mourning family embark on a pilgrimage to the secluded forest, to mark the anniversary of Magda’s (Daniela Leon) death. Her father Roy (Lew Temple) has deep-seated beliefs in ancient Greek mythology, choosing to home school Sprout and her younger brother, Percy (Tate Birchmore), to protect them from “The Otherness” – the horrors he believes reside within modern humanity. But when a widowed park ranger, Stella Woodhouse (Danielle Harris) and her handsome son (Max Page) come to visit, Sprout begins to experience intense episodes of sleep paralysis that take form of a menacing seven-foot-tall Gorgon. As chaos ensues, Sprout bravely embarks on a dangerous mission, inadvertently uncovering horrifying family secrets and rock the core of everything she once thought she knew. Taking route down a traumatic and terrifying path, Sprout’s subsequently enters womanhood, as her life will be forever changed, but never defeated.

BETWEEN THE DARKNESS is a well paced psychological thriller that starts out in isolation and control, but starts to crack in the middle and breaks out with various emotions and freedom,” continued Braindead Network, adding, “Through clever use of foreshadowing, haunting visuals and an unsettling musical score, Rovira paints a picture of how everything around you isn’t quite as it seems.”

Listen to Masters of the Nerdiverse discuss BETWEEN THE DARKNESS here:

BETWEEN THE DARKNESS (aka COME, SAID THE NIGHT) is now streaming through various digital streaming platforms (Amazon, iTunes, inDemand, DIRECTV, Vudu, FANDANGO, Vimeo on Demand, AT&T, Google Play, and Sling/Dish). 

The horror/thriller stars Nicole Moorea Sherman (Little People), Lew Temple (Once Upon A Time … In Hollywood, The Walking Dead), Danielle Harris (Halloween, Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead), Tate Birchmore (Peppermint), Daniela Leon (Atypical) and Max Page (Prime Suspect, The Young and the Restless). For press inquiries and more information, please contact [email protected]

BETWEEN THE DARKNESS [COME, SAID THE NIGHT] (2019, 96 min.) Directed and written by Andres Rovira. Produced by: Colby Reed Miller and James Edmund Datri. Editor: Andres Rovira. Director of Photography: Madeline Kate Kann. Original score: Diego Rojas. USA, English. Miller/Datri Pictures, DarkCoast, TriCoast Worldwide.

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