The Interesting Conversations Company® Releases The Very Interesting Game™ on Amazon

February 19 02:09 2020
The game challenges players to think more creatively and use parts of their brain that may have been lulled to sleep by our “always-on” culture.

Lakeland, FL – The Interesting Conversations Company® is pleased to announce the newly invented card game The Very Interesting Game™ is now for sale on Amazon. The game is five unique games in one. Players compete for points to earn the title of “The Most Interesting Player.” Players strive to have the most creative answers to unusual questions, conquer funny debate topics, accurately bet points on other player’s responses, and complete a series of improv story building and listening rounds. The game creates a playground for imaginations to run wild because players are encouraged to “throw accuracy out the window” and produce ridiculous answers instead. The game dramatically increases the ability for individuals to connect, because it rapidly bypasses boring small talk to get to the core of the way other people think.

The Interesting Conversations Company® was founded in 2019 by Deedre Daniel as a way to help people better connect through an engaging training class and interactive card game.  These resources were specifically designed to help individuals to think more creatively and break past mundane, surface-level pleasantries to form memorable moments with others.

“I founded this company after spending well over 10,000 hours of networking time during my corporate career in the GEICO Marketing Department as a paid professional schmoozer,” says Deedre.  “While attending networking events for our 800+ affinity marketing clients, I noticed most people struggled to make lasting connections with others and felt inspired to help them to overcome this hurdle.  The resources I’ve developed go much deeper than conversation starters.  They help participants to break out of the confines of their thought patterns and habits to form meaningful and memorable interactions with others.”

Deedre and The Interesting Conversations Company® provide participants with a variety of unique, engaging, and new services and resources to help people to ‘get interesting.’  These services and resources include:

  • Signature Talk: How to be More Interesting than a Cell Phone®: Groups of participants will learn about five skills they need to strengthen to have significant and lasting connections with others, including learning about the seven deadly habits that will send conversations to the emergency room.  This topic is ideal for conferences, corporate groups, networking sessions, or as a team-building activity. People will walk away with practical tips to implement immediately.
  • Consulting Service: This one-on-one coaching service is perfect for individuals who are looking to build business contacts, make new friends, or find a romantic partner.   
  • The Very Interesting Game™: This card-based game helps individuals to awaken parts of their personality that may have been lulled to sleep by our ‘always-on’ society.  Participants will not only get to know others better but will get to know and surprise themselves, too.

“The great thing about these services and resources is that they can all be used in combination with each other,” Deedre says.  “For example, The Very Interesting Game™ can be used in conjunction with my Signature Talk for a more interactive and immersive experience and to provide a tool for participants to use to practice after the session is over.  Companies can even brand the outside box sleeve with their brand color and logo or request personalized game cards. This branded box is an excellent marketing opportunity for the company and gift for attendees.”

For more information about The Interesting Conversations Company®, or to hire Deedre to speak at your next conference, please visit 

The Very Interesting Game™ is available on Amazon.

About Deedre Daniel:

Before founding The Interesting Conversations Company®, Deedre Daniel had a successful career in corporate America for almost two decades. During the 19+ years she was at GEICO, Deedre rapidly rose through the ranks from insurance sales associate to head of the Affinity Marketing Division.

Deedre is a graduate of Florida Southern College and lives in Lakeland, Florida, with her husband, Robert, and her active imagination.  When she isn’t busy putting Loneliness to bed, she is writing a book and working on a nonprofit she founded called The Big Fat Tip.

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