Spencer Textile Group Offers Customizable, Ultra-Safe Production Packaging in Various Materials and Sizes

February 22 02:21 2020
Spencer Textile Group Offers Customizable, Ultra-Safe Production Packaging in Various Materials and Sizes

Managua, Nicaragua – Spencer Textile Industries Group, at https://spencertextiles.com/, gives commercial companies various packaging options such as polypropylene sacks (sacos polipropileno), made from a variety of materials. They also offer jumbo sacks (jumbo sacos) for large quantity items. All bags & industrial packaging options are made from high-quality materials, and they are guaranteed to protect whatever they are being used for.

The color concentrated polypropylene sacks are made from virgin polypropylene. They hold up to 68kg (150lbs) of product and they are offered at customizable measurements of up to 36” wide. They can be used for collection, packaging, and transportation for products like coffee, grains, flours, sugar, and more. However, these sacks are ideal for the transport of sugar, peanuts, cement, and grains.

The jumbo sacks are made from virgin polypropylene resins and anti-UV additives. They can hold up to 2,000kgs. Customers can select measurements based on the demands of their unique product.

Although these jumbo sacks are fully customizable, they all have three factors in common: each is high resistant, multi-purpose, and non-toxic. It’s easy to save on storage space, as they have the potential to hold a large quantity of goods. They can even be laminated, printed, or perforated upon request, and they have four convenient lifting loops.

Aside from these types of bags, Spencer Textile Group also offers high-quality agricultural fabrics and ropes. The agricultural fabrics include geo-textiles, anti-insect mesh, and shade covers.

The company is eager to create reliable, safe, and efficient packaging products for commercial companies. Its ultra-safe packaging products make the transport, export, and storage of many different types of products much easier for businesses. Regardless of the intention of use, all products can be fully customized to meet their clients’ needs and specifications.

Those interested in a free quote for one or more of their products can fill out the estimate form on their website. A representative will be in touch within 24 hours. Spencer Textile Industries Group can be reached through its corporate office in Nicaragua and Guatemala. Interested parties can contact the company via the contact form on their website.

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