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July 08 21:18 2020

Hering VPT is a compendium for waste oil treatment and re-refining. We offer pliable solutions depending on your varying industrial needs at any scale. Our roster of products is designed by keeping in mind the fluctuating nature of requirements and regulations which vary across different parts of the globe. We propound solutions that aid in processes like oil purification, regeneration, reactivation and recycling transformer oil. If your industry processes different kinds of engine oils, base oils or lube oils, Hering VPT can help you make the best possible use of the by-products with the help of the finest German technology available in the industry.


Our aim is to ensure that your Transformer oils are optimized for maximum longevity and quality to improve efficiency. Once the oil can no longer be recycled, we make certain that Transformer oil treatment is performed veraciously so that they can be safely disposed of without potentially endangering our environment. We are ethically committed to preserving the environment and believe that recycling transformer oil the right way is very essential. This is why Hering VPT is not limited to just providing you with the necessary infrastructure. Our team of highly trained, erudite engineers are available for our global clients at any time. They are prepared to impart training to your staff regarding the maintenance of Transformer oils and the corresponding Hering VPT products, equipment as well. They also verify that your staff can handle all of our products and respond to particular situations in a professional manner.

Hering VPT is considered as a home for the highly distinguished engineers in the entire industry. Hence, we also extend our engineering expertise to our clients by helping them make the right choices when it comes to the design and size of their proposed plant and other technologies that they wish to apply. They provide assistance in calculating the appropriate parameters which will aid them in achieving their desired results. We also provide detailed insights into your investment returns, thereby clearing all questions and concerns from both the engineering aspects and the financial particulars.

We also deploy our squad of scholarly service engineers to overlook all facets of routine maintenance to warrant that the entire plant is functioning optimally. This is in turn reinforced by our detailed and informative knowledge base that can be accessed openly by all of our clientele. Our knowledge base contains the most relevant collection of resources to educate our customers on any topic related to Transformer oil processing, insulation drying, polishing systems, transformer preventive maintenance and other selected areas. It is periodically updated as well in order to maintain the pace with constantly emerging trends in the industry.

In conclusion, our clients have chosen Hering VPT as a result of our scholarly engineers who can provide solutions for any spectrum of industrial needs, our financial team that can accommodate small to large infrastructure solutions with detailed reports of investment returns and also flexible investment plans to help them grow. Our guidance and the quality of our products help our customers navigate through the industry smoothly. 

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