Reduce unwanted noise with an Indoor Water Wall

August 21 02:15 2020

Midwest Tropical has a selection of water and bubble walls that are ideal for indoor settings, that will work amazingly in an office setting or any commercial space. Before installing a water wall, there should be careful consideration of where the noise originates from so that it can be immediately nipped in the bud. Of course, eliminating all noise is impossible, but with a cleverly placed indoor water wall, it can be significantly reduced and create an aesthetically pleasing environment for employees and clients alike.

Unwanted noise

Office environments have a distinct atmosphere of employees’ chatter, clicking keyboards, Xerox machines, and often the ranting by clients too. Commercial places can be a contrasting combination of lively public sounds or deadly silence when business is slow. All this light or heavy clatter can create disturbance and hinder productivity.

How to tackle unwanted noise and clutter?

It’s highly important to choose a highly noisy place if soundscaping is an objective. But do pay attention to the ambiance so that any indoor water feature adds aesthetic and visually appealing value. Midwest Tropical caters to all spaces, and water walls can either be subtle or extravagant depending on your taste and purpose.

In commercial settings, there are specified places that separate executive areas, operational level employees’ desks, and customers’ waiting area. For example, a restaurant has a dining area and the kitchen area that draws lines between employees and clients, meaning that placing water or a bubble wall between these areas would solve your noise issue originating from the chaos of the kitchen. The water feature will look incredible in your restaurant, making people appreciate the effort in creating a relaxing atmosphere while no chatter from the kitchen can reach them. Talk about a win-win!

Similarly, lobbies of various businesses such as a spa or a medical clinic could use these soundscaping techniques provided by water walls from Midwest Tropical. A dentist’s office is filled with drilling noises that could stress out waiting clients, but placing a water feature in the waiting room could be a cool distraction from any noise.

An office area could use a water wall to keep everyone focused on their task and reduce the surrounding noise produced by extraneous variables. You can adjust the amount of sound by reducing the water pressure and can assess how much sound produced is best suited to your working environment.

These indoor water features are subtle and do not produce roaring sounds, such as a fountain that splashed and is most suited for outdoor grounds. At Midwest Tropical, you can find that bubble walls produce pleasing sounds that not only reduce noise but enhance productivity hence improving overall business, leads and growth. Invest in the best after thorough research, and keen advice from your personnel.

For any environment, natural elements have proven to be beneficial for the overall atmosphere and health of human beings around:

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