Women Leadership Expert, Sherrie Lacey, Shares Eleven Ways to Improve Mental Focus, Clarity, and Energy with Intentional Acting

August 21 10:30 2020

20 August, 2020 – A new blog is making it possible for people to declutter their minds and unlock their full potential. Highlighting eleven innovative tips and methods of intentional thinking. Written by leading entrepreneur and women leadership expert, Sherrie Lacey, the new blog post is helping people worldwide achieve improved mental focus, clarity, and energy in their daily lives.

A comprehensive list of eleven easy tips to start mentally decluttering, anyone can get started today for a fresh, renewed perspective on life. From practicing thankfulness to keeping a diary and learning to laugh out loud, these easy thought processes create a transformation mental decluttering journey. While a compressive list is available, several methods are already garnering critical acclaim for their effectiveness.

To get started, make a note of reasons to be thankful and harness the power of gratitude and recognition to understand more deeply and reduce anger and resentment. Next, keep a diary of daily thoughts and processes, and write out problems and solutions to see them in a different light and to make them easier to manage. The blog post teaches people how to act with intent using new techniques and mental tools  that makes it possible to focus, maximize energy, and act efficiently on the most critical issues of the day.

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Additionally, practice embracing moments of happiness and laughter to not only exercise the spirit, but to lighten emotional loads. Finally, embrace new ways to press pause during life’s challenging moments, limit exposure to the media, and get moving to stimulate well-being.

For a full list of the eleven tips, as well as detailed descriptions and scientific explanations on how to use them effectively, please visit the blog post. Get started on a journey to improve mental focus, clarity, and energy today with eleven quick tips.

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