RM RICOMAX – Here to Find the Best Metal Detector

August 24 23:48 2020

What to choose in a massive market with thousands of different products is the most discouraging point for many potential metal hunters. After browsing countless websites and visiting countless stores, it is still hard to decide which metal detector is your new adventure partner. Entry-level is often more affordable, but overall with a varies quality, while professional-grade metal detectors can be very expensive and difficult to use.

Now, let’s talk about RM RICOMAX.

As a rising star in the metal detecting world, what RM RICOMAX offers can be described as extremely good quality in the same price segment. Or we can say, sometimes outside it, it is regarded as one of the best manufacturers.

If you are interested in metal detecting, please continue reading this guide. We’ll help you pick out three products that are affordable, of amazing quality, and reputable, for different people in different experience level.

GC-1003: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VZW1L9N

You should understand that we are not talking about one of those toy detectors. Most cheap metal detectors for kids are completely useless. They only are described as entertainment devices that might be able to locate some coins in a leaf pile (if you are lucky). Do not waste your time with them.

For a child-begin product, we do not need to go into too much details, convenience is one of the best features of the RM RICOMAX children’s metal detector, also it will not discourage your child from their first stop at metal detecting. If you want, an adult also can have a great experience with this.

GC-1037: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07VV8JND3

One of the fancier metal detectors. It has a digital display, an adjustable sensitivity, and a target ID. The simple format and functionality are the best suited for beginners.

The performance is comparable to other detectors in this price range. You can adjust the discrimination and sensitivity. However, this model has no ground balance function (which reasonable for its price), but as we mentioned before, you can change the sensitivity to make up for it. What worth mentioning is that the frame weighs only 2.31 pounds. It is convenient for long-time using/detecting by all users. It may not find gold or the like, but you will be able to find jewelry, artifacts, and other small goods. This model proves that it does not cost you hundreds of dollars to get start your new-found hobby.

However, the basic platform of this is limited to intermediate and professional hobbyists. For entry-level models with limited budgets, they should focus on the $200 range.

GC-1058: https://www.amazon.com//dp/B089CHB5SX

Let us talk about the latest model of RM RICOMAX, which offers more professional performance. It will provide you with unexpected and excellent function (all we mentioned in 1037, and more) at an affordable price. This product will defeat more competitors in the same price range.

The sensitivity of the detector strikes a balance between the ability to detect objects at a certain depth and the ability to detect interfering minerals. The upgraded DSP chip can detect objects as deep as 9 inches. It also has ground balance function which is professionally advanced (with it’s under $200 price). With the 3.8 pounds and 41” to 48” adjustable stem, it also suits kids well.

Although RM RICOMAX is not super famous yet, the company does provide a lifetime warranty, which gives more credit to this not-so-known company. Since there is almost no risk for purchasing, why not give us a shot? Maybe you will find a new treasure-hunter partner.

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