Now On Kickstarter, ARDUPOOL, The Future Of Automatic Pool Maintenance

August 26 03:10 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, an innovative new tool to keep any pool under control.

Many people love owning pools – but it often proves difficult to perfect the conditions of the water by balancing chemical ratios and other facts to promote a safe, healthy swimming environment. In turn, many pool owners are forced to balance chemicals using hand measurements and calculations, or expensive automatic chemical dosing systems available on the market. Doing little beyond that, pool management often requires a collection of materials and tools, each with low versatility and one singular function. But a new resource, ARDUPOOL, is on a mission to change that and has just launched on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding platform.

ARDUPOOL is a complete modular open-source system based on Arduino. Achieving affordability and high versatility, ARDUPOOL can keep any pool under control by actuating several critical points, from automatic product dosage to filtration system control, at once. Automating different functions, ARDUPOOL makes the pool maintenance experience easy for pool owners and their guests. Installation is easy in just four simple steps.

Recommended for pools up to 60 m^3, ARDUPOOL features four peristaltic dosing pumps to measure and release chemicals, such as pH +, pH -, chlorine, flocculant, and algicide, or add any pool’s preferred liquid product. With built-in sensors, ARDUPOOL automatically controls and balances chemical levels and comes with simple control and programming options for general pool filtration. An internal clock further helps to avoid programming failures after, and the entire system is automatic – requiring no manual start after dosing. A versatile tool, ARDUPOOL’s modular design makes it completely expandable. Add-on modules include APP controls and lighting controls, among others.

The future of pool maintenance, support ARDUPOOL on Kickstarter here:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to directly support ARDUPOOL, including associated production and distribution costs. For a limited time, support the project for as little as €10 to get a virtual thank-you, or pledge €149 or more to get the ARDUPOOL basic kit. Other reward options, including signed different sized systems and module configurations, are available, so act fast and support the Kickstarter campaign today. 


ARDUPOOL is an automated pool maintenance device that allows any pool owner to keep their pool environment under control. A completely modular and open-source system, ARDUPOOL  is based on Arduino and achieves affordability and high versatility to keep any pool under control by actuating several critical points, from automatic product dosage to filtration system control. 

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