Travis Tooke Disrupts the World of Mixed Martial Arts with his Range of Resources

September 29 08:08 2020
Serial-entrepreneur and author, Travis Tooke, continues to receive accolades from martial arts enthusiasts for his array of solutions

Travis Tooke is arguably one of the biggest names in the world of mixed martial arts, dedicating over two decades of his life to mastering and teaching the art of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. The passionate martial artist is also an entrepreneur and author, with his bestseller titled “Jiu jitsu and Life: Lessons Learned On and Off the Mat” doing good numbers across the globe.

The martial arts industry has witnessed tremendous growth in recent times, with the market becoming increasingly competitive thanks to the influx of tons of studios and tutors. According to a report published by IBIS World, the martial arts industry made $5 billion in total revenue in 2019, with 80,559 businesses. The report also revealed that about 3.6 million people actively participate in martial arts in the United States every year. One name that has become a formidable force in the industry is Travis Tooke, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with different categories of martial arts enthusiasts.

Travis Tooke, otherwise known as Professor Travis, is the founder and head instructor at Team Tooke Mixed Martial Arts, delivering custom programs designed to mold students into athletic martial artists and confident leaders. Professor Travis has literally blown over the last ten years, starting from his father’s garage with no student and growing to have more than 300 active students all training in a 9,000+ sq ft facility. Over the years, the academy has created Jiu-jitsu champions and UFC fighters while helping to build a community of highly skilled and disciplined leaders.

As an author, Travis Trooke published titled “Jiu jitsu and Life: Lessons Learned On and Off the Mat,” where he revealed some of the benefits of Jiu jitsu to readers. Travis is also the host of the Tooke Talks Podcast that features different MMA topics and greats in the industry.

The comprehensiveness and quality of the content delivered by Travis Tooke have made him a household name in the industry, with accolades coming from different quarters. “Travis breaks down the trials and tribulations it takes to run not only a successful academy but an academy period. He shows that we will and will OFTEN fail, But it’s relentlessness and forced habits that will keep you afloat. Truly inspiring,” said Tim.

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