3 Things People Need to Check Before Purchasing the Pop Up Canopy Tent

September 29 21:14 2020

Pop up canopy tents are widely used at almost any indoor and outdoor activities. They can provide shade while exposing branding messages. Whether it is a marketing event or an outing picnic, there is an option for your demands. 

We use the canopy tent a lot on many different occasions, but it is not easy to find one that is budget-saving and of reliable quality. But make sure to check the following things will help you avoid detours.

Canopy Material

There are several different canopy fabrics for options, like 400D Poly, 500D Poly and 600D Poly. The unit denier (D for short) here is used to the fibre thickness of individual threads. Usually, fabrics with higher denier count tend to be thicker and more durable while those with lower denier count is softer and silky. 

Compared with the 600D Poly, 500D Poly is more budget-saving. However, when considering the durability, 600D Poly is recommended. Besides the thickness and durability of the fabric, some other things also need to take into account when choosing the canopy fabrics. Canopy tents are used for both indoor and outdoor events, so it always requires the fabric to be flame retardant, waterproof and UV protection when making the tent top.

Canopy Size

10x10ft, 10x15ft and 10x20ft are three standard sizes for event canopy tents. Of course, if you need tents of other sizes, like 8x8ft and 20x20ft, you can also find them from a canopy tent supplier.

Choosing the right sized canopy tent for your event is easy, and it always depends on the display space you have. Standard 10x10ft canopy tent is specially designed for standard trade show booth while 10x15ft tents and 10×20 tents are widely used for outdoor displays.

Though many canopies are 10x10ft in size, they are usually slightly different in template designing and actual size. Therefore, if you buy the tent frame and tent top from two different suppliers, your tent top may not match with your tent frame. To solve this pain point, some suppliers, like CFM, offer matching print service for different types of tent frames.

Frame Material

The aluminium tent frame is widely used on most occasions. Of course, steel frames are also available when you need them to be heavier-duty. However, most people prefer aluminium frame for its lightweight and portable features. If you are worried about that the aluminium frame is not sturdy enough in some windy weather, you can choose sandbags and ground spikes with ropes to increase the steadiness of the tent.

Have an upcoming event and need a set of custom canopy tent? Then don’t forget to have a look at the three things mentioned above.

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