Top Acting Coach Advises Parents Of The Dangers Of The Film/Television Industry

November 03 00:39 2020
Top Acting Coach Advises Parents Of The Dangers Of The Film/Television Industry

Nov 2, 2020 – With the advent of documentaries like “Showbiz Kids” on HBO highlighting the not-so-glamourous aftermath of child stardom, parents are weary of entering their children into the film/television industry. Because filmmaker Giovannie Espiritu is a mom herself as well as highly-sought-after top audition coach, she teaches parents, kids, teens and young adults how to navigate the dangers and scams of the film/television industry.

“There are far too many scammers in the industry that prey upon the hopes, dreams, and naivety of the parents and the kids who actually love acting,” Giovannie says. “I try to be a grounded voice for parents as they navigate this world… it is actually a lot of hard work, coupled with a lot of rejection from all sides, and parents have to be a safe space for the children.”

Some of the Giovannie’s alumni students include Emmy Nominee William Lipton (Cameron on General Hospital), the Espina Sisters (Dreamworks’ Life Hacks for Kids), and is the on-call acting coach for several prestigious studios.

Her advice for parents: Make sure the child is the one that loves acting and the one leading the career.

“I see a lot of parents that try to force their children into the industry just because they think they are cute or they were approached by a company that “scouted” them at a mall. The kids have to love the art of acting… otherwise this business is too rough on their hearts.”

Constantly check in with how your child feels about the industry.

“I know this is an unpopular opinion, but if a kid doesn’t like being in the business or auditioning… it’s okay to take a break and step back from it… even permanently. I know a lot of parents invest a lot in their kids’ career: headshots, training, travel, etc… but their mental health is the most important. If they aren’t having fun, sometimes it’s not worth it anymore.”

“Listen to your gut.”

“If something feels off… listen to that. Parents are allowed to be within sight and sound of their child at all times. Sometimes the industry is run on the feeling of, ‘You should be grateful to even get this audition, agent, etc,” so parents are afraid of advocating for their child because they are fearful of being labeled as ‘difficult,’ but that is how people are taken advantage of.”


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