International Journal Of Environmental Science And Technology Update: Nootropics Research Expert Paul Tardner Sheds Light On Brain And Memory Enhancement

November 04 21:36 2020
Lead Researcher at IJEST, Paul Tardner, continues to unveil hidden facts about brain and memory enhancers as he explores the potential benefits of nootropics on

Paul Tardner has dedicated his life to scientific research, focusing on ways of enhancing human health and performance. Throughout his career as a research scientist, Paul has shown the determination to help millions of people across the globe to discover ways of improving the performance of their brain and his several publications on and other platforms have substantiated this claim.

Cognitive research remains one of the most controversial topics in the world, especially in the area of enhancing memory with nootropics. Over the years, several medical experts have come up with arguments to justify their perception of nootropics. One person that has made a name for himself in this specific area is Paul Tardner, seemingly championing the cause for more than two decades. Paul and his team at the International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology have offered the world some of the most cutting-edge research in environmental science today.

As the Lead Researcher and a major contributor to the blog, Paul writes about natural biohacking, with the primary goal of bringing awareness to the appropriate application of biology to augment and enhance various aspects of human health and performance, especially cognition.

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In the past two decades, this alumni of University of California has published several papers and reports bordering on the topics of nootropics and biohacking. Some of his popular publications include a meta-analysis study of pharmaceutical literature on citicoline usage for cognitive decline and cognitive impairment therapy in August 2020. On the same month, he also published a review article on the effects of phosphatidylserine supplementation on memory function in the elderly in August 2020.

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IJEST, otherwise known as the International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, is one of the world’s most respected scientific journals focusing on the environmental sciences. The online platform, led by experienced researchers like Paul Tardner, provides the world with the most cutting-edge research in environmental science, keeping the public and the wider academic community abreast of the latest development in the field.

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