Colorado-based Author, Jocelyn Bellows, Creates Ripple of Healing With Release of New Book, Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now, on November 7, 2020

November 06 02:51 2020
Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now, by Colorado-based author Jocelyn Bellows, launches for pre-sale on November 7, and officially on Amazon on November 22, 2020.

Denver, CO, USA – November 5, 2020 – Bellows says that writing Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now is the most fantastic celebration of her life – to create space for impact. Bellows explains that this is “because one day, our stories will heal others. And that healing will continue to reverberate and ripple and cause great openings and awareness for others.”

Break Down to Wake Up: Journey Beyond the Now shares the deeply personal journeys of 16 incredible souls finding themselves in their own darkest depths of hell, begging on their knees for sweet release from pain. To discover their strength, of embracing their own beauty and creating lives wildly beyond their dreams.

“This book represents the first of a 3-part series,” says Bellows. “This book focuses on the space of a personal breakdown to moving through self-discovery to waking up to a you that has always been there – the person awakening from within.”

In the months to come, the next two books will take a broader focus on breakdowns in community and society – and how we, as individuals, respond to the crumbling effects of those breakdowns and the leadership from within our souls beckoning to be called forward.

Bellows is currently collaborating on a book with 15 authors across five continents. “As lead author, I have set the tone and direction of this project,” says Bellows. “However, each of these authors has been called forward to share their own story of a personal breakdown to finding their own truest self – the grit and beauty of themselves. Learning to love themselves in great capacity. And, in doing so, breaking away from the old storylines of who they once were – the stories that bound them to an old way of being.”

About Jocelyn Bellows

Jocelyn Bellows is a Break Up to Wake Up Coach, Author, Podcast Host, and Motivational Speaker. In the wake of the ending of her marriage in 2017, she began a journey of self-discovery, learning, and expanding on understanding why she was the way she was and took actions the way she did. During this intentional journey, she uncovered the truth of who she is and her continually evolving life’s purpose.

Jocelyn works with men and women, allowing them to discover their deepest and most authentic selves. Together, they uncover the layers of stories and mistruths that each of us have told ourselves, getting to the roots, and rewriting the story. By understanding those base layers and removing the weeds, one gets to create room to plant a new storyline that nourishes the soul and allows us to live a life of purpose.

As the host of Leap, Jocelyn interviews life coaches worldwide about their own “leap of faith” in creating a life of purpose and fulfillment. Jocelyn currently resides in Colorado with her son. You can tune in to the show at and follow her on Facebook at

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