Get Age Fit in Georgetown, Texas Offers Age Appropriate Concierge Personal Training

November 07 01:45 2020
Get Age Fit in Georgetown, Texas Offers Age Appropriate Concierge Personal Training
High End Service from Certified Personal Trainers for Losing Weight while Building Muscle and Increasing Metabolism

Get Age Fit is a dream come true for men, women and couples over age 50 who want to get stronger, lose body fat and improve their overall health and fitness, but may feel out of place at the typical younger person’s gym.

“This is an important niche that surprisingly no one has paid much attention to,” says business consultant Larry Franks, “until 67 year old owner/founder Theo Thurston started opening Get Age Fit concierge personal training studios in Texas in 2016.”

To insure the best member experience, he believes every business decision needs to pass through two filters, “does this meet the service and quality standards of a 5 Star hotel”, and “are operations being run like a million dollar business?”

Get Age Fit has systematized their age appropriate training, cardio and healthy nutrition programs so clients are first learning the basic fundamentals.

Because they use a scientifically proven weight training technique called “time-under-tension,” which works synergistically with personalized cardio and nutrition plans, their clients begin to see results in as little as the first two weeks!

Their processes are not complicated, and focus on simultaneously building muscle, burning fat and boosting the metabolism.

Unlike traditional dieting, where weight loss is typically 50% fat and 50% muscle, the weight that comes off with their Get Age Fit programs will tend to stay off. Their motto is, “Strong and Healthy, for Life.”

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Phone: 512-591-7817
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