Emergency and Survival Kits More Popular Than Ever

November 07 02:39 2020

2020 has shown us that, for all of our advanced technology and government-mandated safety procedures, the world is a crazy place. In just this year alone we’ve seen riots, contentious attacks, and the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Chaos can be scary. But more and more people are taking their safety into their own hands by picking up emergency and survival kits.

Growing Global Problems

Here’s an uncomfortable truth: most people don’t have the supplies necessary to leave their home and make for safer territory in the event of a national or global emergency. Just look at how many people raided grocery stores when news of the COVID-19 pandemic first hit the airwaves.

It was pandemonium. Or consider how many metropolitan citizens reacted when riots started rampaging down their streets. Lots of people probably wished they could get out of dodge and escape with their families, but they didn’t have the stuff they needed to survive or stay safe.

This is the number one problem for most folks when an emergency comes around (and another one always does). But while 2020 has been a tough year for many, lots of folks have used this experience to reinvent their own emergency plans. 

Emergency Kits – Preparation Made Personal

Enter emergency/survival kits. These compact and ready-to-go kits offer survivability and emergency readiness in a way that no other survival product can.

An emergency kit often contains:

  • food and water purification supplies
  • other emergency supplies for survival, like flashlights and blankets
  • some medical supplies to treat a variety of injuries or illnesses while on the go
  • waterproof containers to protect critical gear from inclement weather
  • and more

Because emergency and survival kits have all the stuff someone might need to escape a city and survive on their own for a while, they’re perfect picks for regular folks who know that their current emergency preparation steps are woefully inadequate.

Why Survival Kits Are Booming

Of course, not all survival kits are made alike. Some are best for camping in the wilderness, while others are especially suitable for city residents who need lots of stuff to fortify their home and keep it under guard until city authorities get riots back under control.

This is why outdoor and urban survival companies like Stealth Angel produce a wide variety of emergency and survival bags. Individuals looking for kits with the stuff they need to survive the next big emergency can choose exactly what they need based on their unique circumstances.

Some kits are designed for one person, while others are designed for up to five people or more: an ideal solution for those who have families to take care of.

Regardless of the exact contents of a survival kit, each can provide peace of mind and security. Tons of regular folks are picking up survival kits to make sure they aren’t caught off guard the next time an emergency comes knocking on their proverbial doors.

2020 has shown us that even in our technologically developed age, we can’t rest on our laurels and assume the government will take care of everything. Sometimes you need to take emergency preparedness into your own hands.

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