Charese Mongiello’s New Book “A New Slant On Acting” Talks About Filmmaking And How To Break Into Hollywood

November 10 22:51 2020

Hollywood, California – Everyone wants to make it to Hollywood at some point in their lives. Whether they want to visit all the attractions or try their luck living there, Hollywood has a pull that is undeniable. As the center of filmmaking, people like Hollywood.

All of the movies made there is top of the line, of course. This is also why actors, directors, producers, and scriptwriters want to know how to break into Hollywood. Charese Mongiello has created a blog at that educates people more about these subjects.


Charese is an actress, producer, and script supervisor. She knows exactly what it takes to rise to the top. She’s been acting since she was four years old. She loves the entertainment industry and wants to share her insider knowledge with people.

Her blog is specifically aimed at helping other film industry professionals. She wants her experience to translate into results that help people become their best. She believes that through sharing her knowledge, she can do just that.

Charese has worked on ten movies in total. She has also collaborated on 30 plays. This is a lot of experience for anyone. However, to be in Hollywood and have done this is everyone’s dream. Most actors and actresses dream of a chance to even be in one big Hollywood production.

She also writes about more down to earth things, such as making the world a better place. If you’ve already scoured her website and still can’t get enough, then she has a book out. The book, “A New Slant on Acting,” is her first book. She plans to come out with others related to the film industry, so just keep your eyes peeled.

Additionally, you can go to the courses section of her website. Here you will see links that you can go to take various classes. Some of them are simple, like a free book on photography. There are other photography-related classes. Then there is a class that pertains to getting into films.

Also, if you are a writer and like to write about the film industry, she offers a chance to contribute. Clearly, Charese has a lot of work on her plate already. However, out of pure passion, she has started an educational website for people that love her field as much as she does. It almost seems like a kindness because one would expect her to be so busy with her actual work.

Charese has a lot to offer. She is a well-spoken individual who has kept her mind on the prize all of these years. Her website is a treasure trove of everything right that Hollywood has to offer.

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