New short video social media app crusading for fundamental right of free speech

November 13 02:09 2020

Dallas, TX – Nov 12, 2020 – A new short video app is all set to redefine the contemporary media world and for better.

Titled “Clapper”, the latest social media app is driven by the mission to uphold and foster the ideals of free speech amid the constant attack on the fundamental right around. The application is against unnecessary censorship and encourages unbiased free speech as long as the content abides by the laws of the United States of America.

Launched by Clapper Media Inc., Clapper is available on both Google Play and Apple App Store and can be downloaded for free. The company is Dallas based with distributed team but caters to users all across the world.

Clapper is a news and trending topics based media platform dedicated to uphold the freedom to express one’s views and opinions. From personal opinions to local video news to political videos, members here can post a video on anything and everything, provided the content does not violate the national laws. Added to creating videos, users can also express their likes and dislikes for posted videos, comment on videos as well as interact with other members through comments. In fact, the latest short video social media app will also provide extensive blocking tools so users can make decisions themselves.

“Clapper is not your regular short video app where you are always apprehensive of sharing your opinions and feelings freely. What separates our app from the rest is that we solemnly support our fundamental right of freedom of speech and allow our members/users to broadcast contents their heart desires freely, without the worries of unnecessary censorship as long as the content abides by the laws of the United States of America. Our freedom of speech is under severe threat today and there is an urgent need for a free speech social media platform. There could not be a better time to launch Clapper”, stated Edison, the chief spokesperson from Clapper team.

Per the statements of Edison, Clapper is designed to be more like a “Substack for video” than YouTube with a more user-friendly interface. Unlike the 60-second duration offered by TikTok, the new app allows users to post 3-minute-long videos so that there is enough room to get their point across.

“We will soon enable features that allow content creators to be supported by their audiences directly. As a content creator, you are paid by your subscribers and communicate directly with them”, Edison added in.

“We invited our community creators and users to co-design community guide and made sure it won’t stand against freedom of speech, which is followed by first amendment- censorship as long as the content abides by the laws of the United States of America.”

Top features of Clapper:

  • Fosters platform neutrality and free speech
  • Allows users to record and post videos about news or trending topics
  • Allows videos on a wide range of topics, ranging from political opinions to food to DIY and so on
  • Allows to add hashtags to enhance the SEO quotient of videos
  • Allows to watch and comment freely on videos posted by others
  • Allows users to reply to comments posted
  • User friendly interface
  • Connect with friends and follow users
  • Allows to build one’s own following through quality videos and healthy discussion with other users
  • Permits to download videos in MP4 format
  • Allows to share videos on Twitter

Clapper has already started earning rave reviews in just a few days of its launch.

“Clapper is one of our favorite apps because it doesn’t censor content, and that’s really important to us. It shows they care about our rights!” – Liam Rafizadeh, Founder of Today Is America.

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Company Name: Clapper Media Group Inc.
Contact Person: Edison
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City: Dallas
State: Texas
Country: United States

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