Programming Electronics Academy Offers Online Coding Training for Electronic Projects

November 17 03:27 2020
Programming Electronics Academy Offers Online Coding Training for Electronic Projects
Learning programming for electronic devices is now becoming possible for just about anyone who wants to learn.

The e-learning company Programming Electronics Academy is making a big bet on the future of remote tech training.

The wager? “People don’t like boring things.”

Over the past decade, massive numbers of coding and programming training websites have popped up, but few have taken the time and energy to actually make their content engaging, cohesive, and fun.

For the past seven years Programming Electronics Academy has been making a name for itself in the online learning space by providing high quality video training and accompanying written lessons about how to program Arduino, an extremely popular microcontroller development board used for controlling electronics such as sensors and creating IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Michael Cheich, the owner of PEA, says that “talking heads” and powerpoint slides make up far too much of available e-learning content online. Michael says, “It’s no wonder students jump from course to course, they get bored of watching monotonous, far too serious instructors. It’s like people think laughing, or fun is bad for learning!”

Programming Electronics Academy offers a self-serve subscription to a growing video library of courses on technical topics dealing with programming and electronics, and a forum for lesson support. Subscriptions start for as little as $19/month. Courses are targeted for adult lifetime learners, but highschools have shown a growing interest in the curriculum for their STEM programs.

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About Michael Cheich

The owner of Programming Electronics Academy, Michael Cheich, is an electronics and programming hobbyist with a passion for teaching about technology. He is a 20 year veteran of the US Armed Forces, father of three, and Ohio State graduate where he studied neuroscience to earn a Bachelor of Science degree.

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