Yawlab Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Smart Diagnostic Kit and Training Videos to Bring Biotech to Rural Africa

January 05 00:36 2021
Yawlab Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Smart Diagnostic Kit and Training Videos to Bring Biotech to Rural Africa

January 04, 2021 – After contracting malaria in Ghana, Alessandro Crimi was surprised when the lab test for diagnosis was conducted, not by modern methods, but with a microscope. This started him on a journey to bring affordable biotech to the world, and the outcome is Yawlab Accessible Biotech, whose campaign is live on Indiegogo.

From diagnosing malaria to HIV, TB, or Covid-19, Yawlab Accessible Biotech wants to create innovations that bring biotechnology to the masses. This humanitarian agenda is behind the launch of the educational and diagnostic kits, which include all essential tools and gadgets along with video training and continuous support. The kits are meant to go to rural areas, where modern medicine and biotech are sorely lacking.

We aim at supporting 1,000 labs in Ghana and West Africa with this initiative and other funding. You can donate, or buy a kit for yourself, or at least share on your social media,” says Crimi

A Basic kit comprises video lectures, 1 LAMP (loop isothermal amplification) heater, 1 pipette 1-20 ul, 1 small probe with a reagent for DNA extraction, a mobile app, and access to the general GIS platform. The diagnostic kit is based on Loop Isothermal amplification, which provides results in 20-30 minutes that are visible to the naked eye (compared to PCR, which takes 2-3 hours). The geographic information system allows for tracking a network of positive cases.

The video lectures are meant for training and focus on rural populations. Continuous education is part of the package too. “With each 100 EUR, we will empower one selected lab in Ghana, or you can buy those things for yourself,” says Crimi.

Rural regions lack trained technicians and lab personnel, and this campaign addresses the shortcoming. People who can participate, include humanitarians, donors, field scientists who need easily portable equipment, citizen scientists who want to solve human problems, students of bio-sciences and veterinary studies, teachers who want to show practicals to students, small clinics, those with interest in things related to the DNA, etc.

Watch YouTube campaign introduction: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s2jJfSGAx-k

Donate on Indiegogo: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/yawlab-accessible-biotech/x/25291249#/ 

For more information, please visit: www.yawlab.org

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