Schmidt Christmas Market has announced it now carries traditional, handmade Christmas ornaments from Germany.

February 05 15:20 2021
Schmidt Christmas Market has announced it now carries traditional, handmade Christmas ornaments from Germany.

Schmidt Christmas Market carries handmade German Christmas decor.
These items are highly prized by collectors and others who treasure folk art, handcrafts and specialty Christmas items.

Lovers of Folk Art and Christmas Can Complete Their Collections with These Prized Items

German Christmas ornaments are among the most valued items for collectors, and Schmidt Christmas Market carries an outstanding collection of them. Shoppers will find the most popular German Christmas decorations, including the following.

Smokers: These hand-carved figurines double as incense smokers. Consumers can place a piece of smoldering incense inside the figure to create pipe “smoke” and other special effects.

Hanging ornaments: A skiing snowman, Santa and other delightful figures are ready for fast delivery.

Nativity pyramids: These classic wooden stands feature from one to five tiers that showcase handmade figures from the Nativity story in a revolving display. They use candle power to turn in a revolving display of the woodworker’s art.

Candle arches: These wooden arches appear in the windows of many German homes and businesses. They recall the mining past of Seiffen, the village where many of these items are made.

Nutcrackers: Authentic wooden nutcrackers embody the joy of Christmas.

From the Ore Mountains To Your Cozy Christmas Home

These ornaments come directly from the village of Seiffen in the Ore Mountains of Germany. Seiffen’s workshops are recognized internationally as some of the finest examples of folk art traditions. A primary tourist attraction, the tiny village of 3000 has become known for its hand-carved toys and decorations.

Many of Germany’s most famous Christmas decorations originated in Seiffen. Small, family-run workshops in the village produce handcrafted items that take days of painstaking care to make. These wooden ornaments and decorations are ideal for anyone who loves Christmas, folk art or German handcrafts.

Owner Aurora Schmidt said, “We are delighted to bring these exquisite, handcrafted items from the Ore Mountains to your home. Each wooden toy represents hours of old-fashioned workmanship and dedication to a craft. We’re proud to carry these items that represent love, care and attention to every detail. We hope they make your home cozy at Christmas and all year.”

German Christmas Decor

Find Unique Items Available Only from Germany

Schmidt Christmas Market provides opportunity to buy unique Christmas items. Many people travel to Seiffen and Nuremberg to buy Nativity pyramids, candle arches and other German Christmas collectibles. Schmidt has made these authentic items available to anyone.

Schmidt Christmas Market offers free shipping on all orders over $20. Customers can have their new Christmas decorations sent conveniently to their home or business. 

Schmidt Carries Authentic German Christmas Decorations

Auroura Schmidt warns, “Don’t accept copies of these beautiful, valuable items.” Schmidt Christmas Market carries only genuine, handmade German Christmas ornaments and toys. She also said, “These are not reproductions. They come directly from Germany. Each has a stamp to authenticate the workshop where it was created.”

About Schmidt Christmas Market

Schmidt Christmas Market is an online store offering Christmas ornaments and decorations all year. The brand specializes in finding the finest handcrafted items from around the world. Collections include handmade German toys, seasonal jewelry, baubles, wooden village items, gift baskets and glass-blown ornaments.

Schmidt Christmas Market is proud to run on 100% renewable energy.

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