OOMNEX USA offers a 2021 updated range of advanced equipment for spa owners

February 09 23:00 2021
OOMNEX makes professional esthetic and spa equipment affordable for every skincare and body treatment professional!

Los Angeles, California, USA – OOMNEX as a brand is committed to helping its clients reach their goals, as well as providing the finest and the most modern aesthetic facial equipment. The management at OOMNEX wants to help professionals in the spa industry to succeed with affordable pricing for their great quality equipment so that they could make a difference and grow their business.

The reason why clients should choose OOMNEX essentially because of their affordable pricing policy that has been built around their clients’ needs. Their customer service is appreciated worldwide, and their innovative aesthetic equipment is easily adapted to the current demand of the spa industry. Additionally, their online platform allows clients to choose and order their advanced equipment quickly and in a hassle-free manner. They also provide support and video training so that professionals can easily learn the use of the new aesthetic devices.

OOMNEX has recently launched the latest 2021 technology in slimming devices. They have increased their product range and are looking forward to introducing at least three more slimming equipment down the line. Their high-quality product range includes The OOMNEX CuppiEos, OOMNEX ClioSlim, and OOMNEX Vestami. As a brand that is meant for the skin and body, they use only high-quality materials for all spare parts and accessories for all their equipment.

Their latest slimming equipment, OOMNEX Vestami has a powerful vacuum compressor with a set of different protective filters, that are replaceable. All technical features of OOMNEX devices are adjusted for a comfortable operation and effective treatment experience. Skincare and body professionals can adjust the settings and customize treatment protocols with ease, using the wide and colorful touch screen. They can also set up the required mode, intensity, and time, adjust settings during a session, as well as pause and continue their sessions to provide the customers and themselves a hassle-free experience.

There are several benefits for the practitioner when it comes to using advanced equipment offered by OOMNEX such as how they provide advanced technologies combined in one machine. Each piece of equipment comes with a detailed user manual which allows practitioners to create customized treatment protocols for their clients. Through smart solutions provided by OOMNEX practitioners can have a wide range of treatments to add to their services increasing their chances to gain and keep a better clientele.

Other than this, they have the availability to perform both face and body treatments with adjustable settings for all skin types and conditions. The modern design of the equipment has a user-friendly system which makes the equipment a smart buy. OOMNEX provides their clients with free delivery and a 30-day return policy so that practitioners can test out their products to their utmost satisfaction.

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