BestLife Launches The Revolutionary ODEN X Backpack

February 10 11:36 2021
Leading providers of innovative everyday bags, BestLife, announces the launch of their new backpack, the ODEN X, the world’s first antimicrobial backpack

BestLife is set to introduce their latest product – the ODEN X Backpack into the market. The company recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for the product launch and has remarkably surpassed the goal of $5,000, raising over $16,200 with 23 days left for the fundraiser. The amazing features of the backpack as shown on Kickstarter have endeared it to millions of people across the globe, with the response gotten from the fundraiser substantiating the claim.

There has been a steady increase in the demand for backpacks across the globe. The phenomenon has led to an influx of several brands and manufacturers to meet the growing and diverse demands of customers. According to a report published on Statista, the global backpack market was estimated to be worth over $17 billion in 2019, with experts forecasting the value of the market to reach over $20.4 billion by 2024. While the market has continued to grow, many of the brands have not been able to satisfy the needs of consumers, which is where BestLife has been of help, with the soon-to-be-launched ODEN X Backpack further reiterating this position.

Described as “best organization meets sanitizing material,” ODEN X Backpack offers a wide range of features that stand it out from other products in the market. The backpack comes with 23L+13 pockets+2 packing cubes and a UV sanitizer carrying bag that comes with a timer and a Hall switch that automatically shuts off the light to protect the eyes. The bag is made with water-resistant antimicrobial fabric to ensure durability and health safety with Ag+ ions permanently extruded into the filaments of its fabric. Other features of the bag include a 3-in-1 charging cord, load releasing design, ergonomic ventilation, anti-theft, night security, and ultra-violet sanitizer.

ODEN X Backpack is designed to help people become more organized effortlessly, with versatile dedicated pockets and packing cubes to store different items and luxury craftsmanship to blend style with functionality. The backpack is designed for all categories of users, including lovers of adventure, business travelers, and a host of others.

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About BestLife

BestLife was founded in 2009 as a manufacturing company that specializes in producing high-quality bags to provide the best solution for safely carrying electronic devices together with daily essentials. The company currently operates in more than 40 countries, with 6 different collections to offer everyday bags for traveling, outdoor activities, urban, campus, and work settings.

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