Dorsey Ross Inspiring the World with His Incredible Journey of Life

February 12 00:48 2021
After being born with a birth defect and undergoing sixty-eight surgeries, he’s still able to achieve so much. He’s an inspiration because of his hard work and determination to succeed

Life is a wonderful journey and adventure. But for Dorsey Ross, things haven’t been smooth. But he still believes humans should cherish every second of their existence because it is worth it. That’s why he wants to share his story of the incredible work of God in his life with everyone on earth.  

Dorsey was born on January 16th, 1977 with a birth defect called Apert Syndrome, which is a birth defect of the hands and the face. Growing up for Dorsey was tough since he had to struggle to overcome challenges every time.  

He’s the true example of a survivor as he has had sixty-eight operations over his lifetime. He is also the author of his autobiography called Overcomer, a book that is transforming many lives across the globe.  

Despite his challenges, he is still able to achieve great things in his life. Listening to Dorsey tell his story is very inspiring especially for people who’re searching for meaning to their lives.  

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Dorsey is the perfect example of why everyone living must appreciate life and celebrate it. Unlike most people, he came into the world with a condition that gives him less opportunity to survive. Growing up was a challenge as his parents had to take extra care of him.  

Doctors told his parents that he had no chance of survival that he should be put in an institution. His teachers said he can’t survive school and there is no way he could go through college. But his parents didn’t listen to all of that. They believe that God will do wonderful things in his life. And he did.  

He entered Queens Borough Community College to attain an associate degree, later to the University of Valley Forge. After years of hard work and perseverance, he graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Youth Ministry. Ever since leaving college, he has lived an active life in ministry teaching and speaking in church services, youth rallies, revival services, camps, conventions, and retreats.  

Dorsey is available for booking to speak and inspire people with his story. Like he always said, “I have been through so much in my life that is why ‘can’t’ is not in my vocabulary”. He believes there is nothing impossible to achieve if there is will and determination.  

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