Cross Innovations Launches the Lunderg CPAP pillow

February 17 00:42 2021
The Lunderg CPAP pillow is the most advanced in the market it was developed for people treating sleep apnea.

For people treating sleep apnea with continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) devices, sleeping on a regular pillow can be uncomfortable (also recommended for people who sleep with BIPAP or APAP devices). Cross Innovations, the inventor of Lunderg CPAP pillows, understands this concern. To help people in need of a full night’s sleep, the company launched the Lunderg CPAP pillow. The pillows are available as well as

The Lunderg CPAP pillow is one of the only CPAP pillows on that is FSA or HSA eligible. Many customers asked for this option and the Lunderg team listened. “Our customers come first before everything else so if for some reason you’re not happy with your new pillow please let us know” said a spokesman for Cross Innovations. Lunderg CPAP pillows come with a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

The Lunderg CPAP pillow is an adjustable pillow that’s suitable for sleepers used to lying on their side, back, or stomach It has an extra layer of removable memory foam so users can adjust its height. The pillow also has two sides with two levels of thickness to guarantee the absolute comfort of the head and neck.

Unlike other CPAP pillows, Lunderg’s CPAP pillow includes a standard premium-comfort case and a cooling-fabric case for your absolute convenience. With this pillow, there’s no need to use a regular pillow while the case is washing!.

Again, Cross Innovations offers a full refund if the pillow doesn’t reduce air leaks, mask pressure, or doesn’t improve its user’s sleep quality. For more information on the CPAP pillow, visit

About Cross Innovations

Cross Innovations is the only distributor of the LundergTM CPAP pillow. This unique and special type of pillow helps people sleeping with CPAP, BIPAP, or APAP machines have a good night’s rest. Its features like its contour design, adjustability, and more make it the best pillow for people living with sleep apnea.

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