Idan Shpizear Releases 3rd Book in the Get Out of the Truck Series

April 20 23:45 2021
“Marketing to Humans: A Customer-Obsessed Strategy to Drive Connection and Sales” is the 3rd book to become a best seller in the Get Out of the Truck series by author and entrepreneur, Idan Shpizear.

Los Angeles, CA, USA – April 20, 2021 – Entrepreneur Idan Shpizear has released his third book in the Get Out of the Truck series. “Marketing to Humans: A Customer-Obsessed Strategy to Drive Connection and Sales” became a best seller immediately upon release on Amazon on April 9, 2021. Shpizear has spent a decade building the fastest-growing restoration franchise, and he used 2020 to create a library of books, videos, sharing access to his hard-earned knowledge.

In the latest book of the series, “Marketing to Humans: A Customer-Obsessed Strategy to Drive Connection and Sales,” Shpizear lays out in clear terms, the most effective marketing begins not with artistic brilliance, but with meaningful insight into the humanity of your customer. In this no-nonsense guide, Shpizear strips away all your misconceptions about marketing and drills down to the ultimate goal: developing an authentic connection with the people you serve.

All three Get Out of the Truck books are available at and on Amazon.

Get Out of the Truck” is an online community founded by Shpizear, founder of 911 Restoration. Like the books, the website is designed to support business owners in the trade industries through professional insight and practical tools. The website is rich with tools to ensure a business’s success, from a job description template to a tool determining a workable business plan. The resources, books, and videos enable people who feel blinded by the process of going into business, to learn from Shpizear’s experience, and remove the stress.

911 Restoration is named one of the fastest-growing franchises in the United States. Shpizear built 911 Restoration on the belief that “we owe it to one another to share insight and inspire growth. Get Out of the Truck is our contribution to that mission – a professional development system designed by someone who knows your struggle inside and out.”

“For us, Get Out of the Truck is more than another industry innovation. Having benefited from the mentorship and guidance of those who came before us, this system is our opportunity to pay it forward, investing our hard-earned expertise back into the community we love,” said Shpizear.

Shpizear and his team have combined all these tools, services, and insights into a one-stop comprehensive system designed to help business owners from all backgrounds and experience levels find the exact support they need.

Clear, candid, and highly motivating, “Marketing to Humans: A Customer-Obsessed Strategy to Drive Connection and Sales,” proves the claim Shpizear makes from the very beginning: you already have what it takes to excel at marketing and boost your leads.

Get Out of the Truck: “Marketing to Humans: A Customer-Obsessed Strategy to Drive Connection and Sales” shares tips on:

• Recognizing the marketing skills you already have.
• Understanding your buyer’s decision-making process.
• Discovering the best marketing platforms for your brand.
• Learning how to construct an ad that speaks to your customer’s fears, hopes, and longings.
• Most importantly, finding the intersection of a client’s greatest needs and your greatest strength.

About Idan Shpizear

Shpizear, co-founder and CEO of 911 Restorations, began his company with a dream, a Volvo, and a carpet cleaner. It started as a simple carpet cleaning service but soon expanded into home repair. Through his company, Shpizear was able to help communities with the devastation caused by natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina. With their positive Fresh Start Attitude, 911 Restorations could make some emotional repairs in addition to physical ones. Today, 911 Restorations is one of Entrepreneur’s fastest-growing franchises, with their iconic orange trucks servicing homes throughout North America. While continuing to grow his own business, Shpizer tirelessly helps others to find their own success.




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