How to become a Clinical Research Associate? – Advanced Clinical Research Associate Certification (ACRAC)

April 21 17:50 2021
Clinical Research Associate by CCRPS provides advanced Clinical Research Associate Certification (ACRAC). Designed for those that hold at least a bachelor’s degree in Science and are looking to advance or start their career as a Clinical Research Associate (CRA). This 107-module course can be completed in as little as two weeks and provides an internationally accredited certification that will help CRAs become a highly desirable CRA hire.

Clinical Research Associate (CRA), also called a clinical monitor or trial monitor, is a research professional with a minimum of a bachelors degree (usually nurses!) who works under contracts or hired by sponsors, CROs, or freelancing (by biopharma and research institutes) to perform roles listed in ICH GCP guidelines for monitoring clinical trials.

A CRA ensures compliance with ICH GCP and the clinical trial protocol by checking clinical site activities, making on-site visits (selection, initiation, routine, close-out), verifying “trial” case report forms (CRFs) are accurate by comparing to medical records, and speaking with the site’s CRC.

CRAs protect the ethical safety of human subjects and ensure the scientific integrity of the data collected through these processes.

Because CRAs manage multiple trial sites at one time, have a bachelors degree (minimum), and produce outcomes that are cost-effective for improving the efficiency of a trial; clinical research associates usually get paid more than coordinators. Unfortunately, clinical research coordinators are really doing the brunt of the “front-line” work and are the reason the trial occurs at that site all together. CRCs take a huge responsibility in both starting the trial and then presenting the trial documents to the CRAs as well as being the “middle-man” of the entire Site vs. Sponsor/CRO communication line. While CRCs deserve to get paid more, of course, it is not cost-effective as there are usually multiple sites and thus budgets are not capable of expanding upon the CRC’s pay-range. Luckily, CRC’s with experience can bridge to becoming a CRA through certifications and exams.

The Clinical Research Associate or CRA will review and verify documents from multiple sites conducting the same trial and do multiple visits to ensure quality and ethical conduct of the clinical trial.

This profession requires so much journey that living near a significant airport is able to help you land the plum jobs.

It involves combing through reams of specialized medical information, searching for any possible issues. At any particular time, pharmaceutical and medical device companies are holding over 100,000 clinical trials across the U.S., and CRAs would be those tracking and distributing them.

Due to the fantastic cover, the traveling and the rewarding job, these tasks are highly desired.

“it is an extremely coveted role that is pretty difficult to split,” explained Kate Keller, an Aerotek strategic shipping executive who’s spent seven decades recruitment tens of thousands of CRAs for places all around the nation. “it is a very high-paying job. Some folks really wish to travel. Along with the clinical research sector is really cool, for lack of a better term — since you’re able to alter people’s lifestyles.”

How can one enter this kind of work?

Well, it is not straightforward.

Employers prefer job applicants that have a background in nursing or another medical area, because they are already familiar with working with individual charts and clinical medical documents. “They know the information. They know what is happening to the individual,” Keller explained.

1 approach to get in the industry would be to begin as a clinical research coordinator. CRCs recruit patients for clinical trials, and they run the clinical trials in local hospitals and physician’s offices. By comparison, CRAs would be the people who fly and examine the way the clinical trial is moving.

A fantastic CRC who does their job well can find a reference in the CRA they are working with. That is a fantastic way to acquire an entry CRA job.

What is the job market for CRAs searching?


“The CRAs are unquestionably more in control at this time concerning the pay rates, the traveling they are ready to do, and also the sort of company they are eager to work for,” she explained. “However, it changes a great deal. It likely flips every year”

There are master’s degrees and certificate applications for clinical investigation, but expertise in the area is more significant for all these tasks, Keller explained.

To acquire that essential field expertise, it may be more sensible to begin as a medical care coordinator who is accountable for handling a single clinical trial. If you excel in that, it is sometimes a fantastic stepping-stone into an entry CRA job.

What other aspects help a CRA get decent job opportunities?

“Since there is so much traveling, customers typically need the CRA to be located within half an hour of a significant airport,” Keller explained. “The larger the airport, the more marketable that offender is” — as the company may pay less for travel prices if they can prevent connecting flights.

Clinical Research Associate (CRA)

$70k on average, from $60K-$97K

Clinical Research Coordinator (CRC)

$50k on average, from $30K-$70K

What abilities are required at a great CRA?

Communication abilities: “The capacity to operate with various sorts of people and also have difficult conversations together,” Keller explained.

Administrative abilities: Time management is really vital to get a CRA. CRAs can not fall behind in submitting subject reports to their company.

CRAs will make use of these data approaches to prevent leafing through tens of thousands of bits of newspaper. The business utilizes a couple of notable EDC databases with titles such as Medidata Rave, IMPACT Harmony or even DataLabs to capture study information at clinical trial websites.

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