rankingCoach Launches Game-Changing Brand Protection App For Small Businesses

April 23 18:06 2021
rankingCoach Launches Game-Changing Brand Protection App For Small Businesses
rankingCoach has launched the first brand protection app for small businesses, offering users everything they need to manage, protect, and grow their business online. This first-in-market solution is available absolutely free to the first 50,000 sign-ups at rankingCoach.com

The importance of small and local business’ reputation online has become more apparent than ever before. While big enterprises are using several different expensive professional tools to stay informed about market feedback and competitors, small businesses couldn’t access the information at all – until now. This is why rankingCoach has officially launched a new brand protection app as a promotion for the first 50,000 users for free. The first-in-market free app gives small businesses the power of digital marketing, so they can see how their business is perceived online. This helps small businesses by giving them the power to grow, protect their reputation, and monitor their competition.

“More than 500,000 small businesses have already optimized their online presence with rankingCoach. We want to do our bit to support small businesses around the world by making this free version of rankingCoach available to the first 50,000 businesses who sign up at rankingCoach.com — It is a small sign of our gratitude for the amazing work small businesses do every day and to help them through these hard times”, says Thomas Meierkord, co-founder of rankingCoach.

rankingCoach FREE uses a Facebook-like feed to show small businesses everything impacting their business online across social media, search engines, and online review platforms, giving small businesses the power to monitor their SEO keywords performance and track their competitors on search engines. The app notifies users whenever their business is rated on review platforms or mentioned in social media posts. Small businesses can use rankingCoach FREE to set up and control Google My Business and Google Analytics accounts. rankingCoach FREE is designed to give SMBs crucial insights into how digital marketing impacts their business. It is also designed to help bridge the digital divide between small and large businesses, to create a bright new future for SMBs in which they can survive, thrive, and compete in the market. 

Users looking to work on additional key marketing areas such as SEO, Google Ads and local directories have the option of upgrading to rankingCoach 360. This expanded version conducts a full marketing audit of the user’s website, creating a marketing plan featuring click-by-click video tutorials; in-depth reporting; 3-click Google Ads generation, local directory synchronization, and automating key business information in all the most important local directories in a few minutes.

Sign up for rankingCoach FREE at: https://www.rankingcoach.com

About rankingCoach

rankingCoach is the complete DIY digital marketing app that enables everyone to be successful online – even without a large marketing budget or expertise in digital marketing. rankingCoach offers a variety of resellable marketing solutions covering SEO, listings, brand monitoring, Google Ads, mobile and social media marketing. rankingCoach is now available in 32 countries and 14 languages. Founded in 2014 by Daniel Wette, Marius Gerdan, and Thomas Meierkord, the company’s headquarters are in Cologne, Germany with multiple locations across Europe. The company’s award-winning software solutions are integrated into the services of numerous well-known web hosters, CMS, telecommunications, and MarTech companies.

Learn more about the company at https://www.rankingcoach.com

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