VALANI Introduces Fun, Flirty, and Dreamy Garments Made From Plant-Based and Vegan Fabrics

April 27 01:06 2021
This sustainable clothing brand brings eco-friendly tops, bottoms, and dresses that are light, dreamy and beautiful. VALANI also donates one tree for every garment sold.

The pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of the interconnectedness of living things. Human safety and the health of the environment depend on each other. More, now than ever, consumers are taking a closer look into the choices they make. It all starts with education, awareness and a willingness to change. Simple changes in our everyday lives can make a huge difference.

As such, entrepreneur, life-long vegan, and philanthropist Vanni Leung introduces VALANI, a sustainable clothing brand that offers fun, flirty, and dreamy garments made from plant-based and vegan fabrics such as hemp, Tencel and banana fibers. The brand aims to promote sustainability by providing woman with timeless, beautiful clothing. Its garments are also ethically sourced and dyed with low-impact, non-toxic dyes to minimize carbon footprint.

“We’re bridging the gap between sustainability and flowy, feminine style. Women and nature have so much in common. They’re bold, resilient, and full of intrinsic beauty. They’re strong when they need to be, and soft when it matters most. Their cycles are constantly changing, yet somehow steadfast. It’s that movement and strength that inspires our aesthetic – feminine lines with a touch of the ethereal,” Leung said.

For Leung, natural fabrics create an impact on how people interact with the world and the living things around them. Plant based fabrics come with its own natural benefits – which show how magical Mother Nature really is. With VALANI’s garments, women are presented with luxurious yet light fabrics that are both eco-friendly and comfortable to wear.

Hemp, a classic fiber that’s seeing a resurgence, gives a soft and flowy feel that’ll surely give its wearer breezy, all-day comfort. It’s hypo-allergenic, durable, breathable, CO2 absorbent and naturally resistant to bacteria growth. There’s quite a bit of benefits to list for hemp! Hemp also keeps its wearer cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also gets softer with every wash and it’s effective in blocking UV rays too.

Tencel is a soft and silky fabric with antibacterial and moisture-absorbing qualities. It’s also ideal for people with sensitive skin and has enhanced breathability. This fiber comes from sustainably managed Eucalyptus tree farms and is made in a closed-loop process where non-toxic solvents and water are reused at a rate of more than 99%. This makes it a highly efficient and eco-friendly process.

Lastly, VALANI’s banana fibers offer a luxurious, cruelty-free alternative to silk that upcycles agricultural waste. After every banana harvest, the stems are discarded to make way for new growth. The inner fibers of the stems are soft and smooth and commonly used for apparel versus the coarse outer layers used for home textiles. Banana fibers provide a soft, silky, breathable, and airy material that absorbs moisture well. It’s also hypo-allergenic and keeps its user cool on hot days.

VALANI garments present contemporary and romantic styles of clothing that exude lightness and feminine beauty. Leung, who also promotes the “lighter living” motto, incorporates this concept in her fashion brand. With these features, VALANI garments become timeless pieces with colors and silhouettes that can be worn at any time of the year. To browse, shop, and learn more about VALANI, visit


VALANI is a fashion brand inspired by sustainability, compassion, and the strength of women. It offers beautiful, flowy and flirty plant-based garments. Founded by entrepreneur, life-long vegan, and philanthropist Vanni Leung, the brand advocates for the interconnectedness and co-dependency of plants, animals, and humans. With this belief, Leung presents individuals the choice to wear sustainable clothing to protect the planet as well as future generations.

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