Michael Rix (Ricks), the Inspirational Banjo Country Artist Aiming to Bring Hope and Make a Difference Through His Songs

July 02 02:39 2021
Michael Rix (Ricks), the Inspirational Banjo Country Artist Aiming to Bring Hope and Make a Difference Through His Songs

At any given time, countless people are driven by an endless combination of factors, from securing generational wealth to changing the world for the better. And behind every success is a story that may have started with the desire to make a difference in the lives of others or the goal to create a legacy in a chosen industry. In the case of Michael Ricks (Rix), the impetus for his full force campaign to make a name in the music scene is life itself. Known for his distinctive artistry and acknowledged for the extent to which he inspires those around him, this banjo country music artist is ready to take center stage.

Bearing a story that continues to resonate with a significant number of individuals worldwide, Michael Ricks is a songwriter from Nashville who boasts a unique style that blends the banjo with more modern sounds. His journey, detailed in his recent book, From Cult to Country: An Asthmatic’s Journey to Find More Air, describes his upbringing and eventual escape from a mind-controlling religious cult that forbids members from gaining access to vital healthcare. 

From surviving to thriving in a life of his own design, Michael Ricks has been on a road that was nowhere near smooth, but by overcoming the odds, he serves as a beacon of hope for those who are still chained to their circumstances. This emerging force within the music industry, whose tale has been told on RFDTV and on the Bank of America’s national marketing campaign of Ken Burns’ PBS series called Country Music, is now making waves with his creative endeavors.

Since dipping his toes in the music scene, Michael Ricks has managed to impress peers and listeners alike for the authenticity that stands at the core of his artistry. Additionally, his standout performances have propelled him closer toward the limelight, earning him a loyal fanbase and a sea of supporters who believe in his potential. “When you think of country music, you usually don’t think of a solid patriotic Black country artist who is a lead singer in a country music band and plays a five-string banjo,” shared Megan Michal Ehlers, a reputable name rising through the ranks in the field. “Michael brings life to everything he does and every note he plays. Not to mention his unreal story of being a cult survivor.”

Through every challenge that peppered his path toward the summit of the music scene, Michael Ricks takes pride in never having succumbed to society’s expectations of how a star should look and act. Living his life authentically, he shares and bares his experiences for others to see every day. His success has led him to be endorsed by Recording King Banjos.

Armed with big plans for the future and fueled by the vision of sending across powerful messages through his songs, Michael Ricks is currently going all out. The promising talent, who has appeared in national campaigns and serves as an artist advocate with the Medical Assistance Program, also aims to bring hope and life-saving medicine for families in need by encouraging music lovers around the world to get involved. 

Learn more about Michael Ricks by visiting his Instagram.

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