Alas Silk – a subtle expression of feminity and luxury with divine silk

July 02 02:48 2021
Fashion house Alas Silk opens the doors for caring, brave and elegant silk lovers.

Women always knew that clothes could reflect personality and interest. The magic of silks’ comfort awakens femininity, confidence, grace, and Alas Silk design inspiration.

The mission of Alas Silk is to create clothes that are like a second skin. Speaks silent language that introduces women to the people surrounding them. Women that choose to wear silk makes a bold statement and helps stand out from the crowd. These kinds of clothes not meant to overshadow but helps accentuate the best features and brings light to personality.

Even though fashion house Alas Silk began creating recently, the house designers know that silk fabric itself is timeless, luxurious. Strive to enhance life-wear using Mulberry silk with elegant design. High-quality silk is known for its softness, anti-allergenic, comfortable to wear, helps regulate the body’s temperature and helps the environment while looking and feeling effortlessly glamorous.

Fashion house Alas Silk grants women the opportunity to feel silk fabrics’ subtle lightness that flutters like wings. The brand name Alas Silk translated from Spanish, meaning silky wings. Like a beautiful woman, silk requires attention and care. Designed clothes are comfortable yet fashionable, stylish, and uplifted with love.

Alas Silk takes inspiration from bright, life-loving, feminine and self-confident women and creates design pieces that help spread beautiful silky wings. More information can be found at

Media Contact
Company Name: Alas Silk
Contact Person: Renata Ambrazieje
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Phone: +49 176 65384625
Country: Germany

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