Hustlers Expo Bringing Businesses together and Giving them Maximum Exposure

July 02 20:42 2021
Hustlers Expo Bringing Businesses together and Giving them Maximum Exposure

Businesses are often saddled with the task of finding ways to stay afloat and well-exposed regardless of the state of the economy or market. While the world has developed and businesses have a complete ecosystem with the internet and social media, seasoned entrepreneur Lashonda Johnson believes businesses can do more than that. She established Hustlers Expo to support small businesses, bring small business owners together, empower them and help them network. Describing the platform, “We strive to host pop-up shop events from city to city, bringing small business owners together and helping them grow through various methods,” Lashonda said.

Born out of a pure passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to make an impact across cities in the United States, Hustlers Expo brings 40+ small businesses together to collectively overcome the small problems they’ve been facing as businesses. Hustlers Expo takes businesses back to the traditional methods of networking and getting leads for their businesses outside social media. Lashonda believes businesses should have a presence outside social media regardless of how much of their business relies on social media.  Social media is not the only way to bring awareness to your small business, and one of those ways is Hustlers Expo pop-up shop events,” she said.

Hustlers Expo has created an environment for businesses to thrive, support one another, and create new strategies to drive sales and connect with their customers. The platform gives businesses that don’t have access to startup funds, credit lines, or loan approval the facilities and resources to do business all the same. “What I set out to achieve was to provide a temporary business setting with no contract, rent, utility cost, or LLC requirements. Some business owners like to test the market or product before committing to it. I provided for us all to display our talents, services, and products,” Lashonda explained.

Businesses that participate in Hustlers Expo Events enjoy ongoing promotions and small business awareness. “When you register to be a vendor with Hustlers Expo Events Inc., you’re tied to Hustlers Expo for Lyfe! We don’t delete pictures, videos, or any promotional material, so anyone visiting our website or social media pages will continue to be looked upon,” Lashonda promised. Hustlers Expo’s goal is to get as many businesses as possible on board and be a solid part of their success stories. The platform is the launchpad and support system that many businesses need.

Making the business terrain easier for entrepreneurs is one of the founder’s goals. In a few years, she hopes to see businesses grow from the Hustlers Expo platform into nationally recognized businesses. Seeing businesses struggle despite the many tools and strategies available in the world today is the topmost thing that Hustlers Expo strives to put an end to. With a visionary founder like Lashonda Johnson, every business is welcome to alter its trajectory and get on the positive side.

Learn more about Hustlers Expo on the official website. You can follow news, activities, and updates on the officia Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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