Connections Wellness Group Creates A New Age Approach to Traditional Mental Health Treatment

July 02 22:27 2021
A collaborative care model for improving mental health and wellness.

In 2018, when Awstin Gregg began creating his brainchild in Connections Wellness Group (CWG), he wanted it to be exceptionally different. His desire was to create a holistic wellness model that focused on access to care, professional collaboration, and clinical outcomes. This goal was accomplished and continues to excel, as Connections Wellness Group houses therapists, psychiatrists, dieticians, and intensive day treatment programming all under one roof.

In the mental healthcare field, access to care is a crucial need that can be difficult to offer to everyone. Some regions might have options for therapy or psychiatry individually, but might not have resources for any other discipline. Having each of these under the same roof, operating within the same practice, provides the patients of CWG a true collaborative treatment team. In addition to this, if any of these patients find themselves needing a higher level of care, they can seamlessly transition into an intensive day treatment program that is also on site so that their needs can continue to be met under more structured supervision.

This level of professional collaboration allows the right hand to know what the left hand is doing, metaphorically speaking. With a single patient’s therapist having direct access to speak to that patient’s psychiatrist or dietician about what is being discussed and seen in session, these professionals can gain better insight, across disciplines, as to what potential barriers might exist and the best course of treatment moving forward. When patients are exiting the intensive day treatment program and integrating back into a lower level of care, their discharge paperwork is easily transferred to their therapist, psychiatrist, or dietician so that they are made aware of the course of treatment that took place while the patient was in the day treatment program.

Arguably the greatest benefit of having a group of collaborating providers from various disciplines is that it leads to more robust and notable outcomes for the patient. With fewer gaps in services and more communication between providers and levels of care, the patients at CWG have treatment plans that can be more specifically catered to their different needs and their therapeutic goals, and this ultimately sets up the patient for therapeutic success. And it is that therapeutic success that has indubitably helped CWG gain a tremendous reputation for the services they are providing to the therapeutic community.

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