Actress, Producer, Author, and Entrepreneur Wendy Bangura Sets Her Eyes on Reaching the Forefront of Several Industries

July 05 19:09 2021
Actress, Producer, Author, and Entrepreneur Wendy Bangura Sets Her Eyes on Reaching the Forefront of Several Industries

It is undeniable that people from all walks of life now have a greater chance at gaining renown in the fields of music and entertainment. However, it could come at a steep price, especially for those who do not fit the mold of what the general public thinks a star should look and act like. But amid all the pressure to conform, Wendy Bangura remains true to her roots. Keeping it real, she proves that any aspirants hoping to establish their name in the industry do not have to be anything but themselves. 

Originally hailing from Sierra Leone, West Africa, this must-watch force is the youngest daughter of a prominent statesman in the Sierra Leone military. Given her family background, it would have been easy for the multi-talented actress to settle in her comfort zone, yet she braved through several highly competitive arenas and proved that she has what it takes to ace the game.

Wendy Bangura first came into the spotlight at the age of twelve when she won the coveted crown in a beauty pageant at Murray Deen Preparatory School. Since then, she has graced numerous beauty contests, fashion shows, live dances, and more, showcasing the potential to be in the limelight one day. So it comes as no surprise that this passion-fueled personality is now making a home under the spotlight. 

Over the years, Wendy Bangura continued to excel in all areas of the arts, thanks primarily to the love and support of her parents and siblings. When they moved to the United States, she had the opportunity to widen her competencies, graduating from Prince George’s Community College after studying psychology and criminal justice. Armed not only with a creative flair but also an entrepreneurial acumen, she is currently making a mark as a movie producer, author, and businesswoman. The star stays booked and busy because of her qualities of being hardworking, dedicated, focused, versatile, and receptive to criticism.

Included in her expansive portfolio of achievements is the internationally acclaimed movie The Entrapped. Nominated for the 2013 Best Feature Movie award by African film critics, the filmwas also recognized by the Golden Icons Academy Movie Awards. Additionally, Wendy Bangura is also the mind behind the true-to-life book Tears, Trials, and Triumphs and has demonstrated her acting prowess in several productions, including Busted Life, Blood Stone, Blood Brothers, Koming from Afrika, Greedy Realtor as well as Ekei, and in the reality series Young and Learning, among many other lifestyle and reality series.

Wendy was also featured in a commercial for De Ranch Africa restaurant that aired on CNN, BET television station. The multitalented star has been featured in music videos such as “Sandra”, “Kongosa,” “Baby Na Me and You,” and “Phone Wahala.”

Wendy Bangura, who is taking the steps that will bring her closer to the forefront of the film industry with the guidance of Golden Touch Entertainment, takes pride in remaining authentic throughout the course of her career. From the beginning, she has always been aware that countless household names in the field have been forced to shed away their real identity to meet the public’s expectations. She has kept this in mind as she carved a path toward the summit, never straying from the principles that stand at the core of her artistry. 

More can be expected from Wendy Bangura in the future while she cements her reputation as an acclaimed actress, movie producer, author, and entrepreneur. Learn more about her by visiting her IMDb page.

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