Bio Aesthetic brings innovative, in-demand nose thread lift to Singapore

July 06 00:45 2021
Bio Aesthetic’s revolutionary and in-demand nose thread lift, a safer alternative to Rhinoplasty and Nose Fillers, greets Singaporeans with special pricing that starts at $680.


Bio Aesthetic Laser Clinic has stepped up efforts to bring its revolutionary and in-demand Nose Thread Lift procedure in Singapore, unveiling impressive pricing that starts at only $680.  

Bio Aesthetic said the treatment works by inserting threads into the nose to give it immediate mechanical support. The threads act as a scaffold in the nose, allowing a higher, more prominent nose bridge and a sharper, more projected nose tip. 

“These threads are made of Polydioxanone (PDO), a 100% bio-absorbable material. This technology allows the threads to dissolve naturally in the nose over the next few months,” a representative of Bio Aesthetic said. 

Using the 100% bio-absorbable thread, Bio Aesthetic said the treatment effectively improves the proportions of the nose, augments the nose bridge and nose tip for a more defined shape, and contours the overall base of the nose. 

The results of the treatment can last up to two years. When the bio-absorbable threads slowly dissolve, they will stimulate collagen production to assist in elevating the nose bridge and overall nose contour. The whole nose thread lift Singapore treatment will take 15 – 30 mins based on the complexities.  

“It is a perfect lower cost and non-surgical solution for a more defined nose profile. This procedure is perfect for people looking to enhance their nose bridge, nose tip, and crooked nose without the high costs, surgery, and downtime,” the representative added.

Nose thread lift is a non-surgical alternative to a surgical nose job (Rhinoplasty). The popularity of this procedure has increased dramatically in Singapore due to the prominent results with minimal invasiveness. 

Bio Aesthetic said nose thread lift is a safer alternative because it avoids risks of broadening of nose bridge or migration of fillers seen in some nose filler procedures. The procedure has a relatively low downtime, and results can be seen instantly.

Patients looking to book an appointment may consult with Bio Aesthetic’s doctors for a customized solution.

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