Bird Dog Pharma Offers the best medical ancillary service to doctors/physicians.

July 06 01:12 2021
Bird Dog Pharma Offers the best medical ancillary service to doctors/physicians.
Bird Dog Pharma has a mission to support Primary Care Providers with in-office turnkey allergy solutions that help improve their patient’s quality of life, enhance continuity of care, and increase bottom-line revenue

Bird Dog Pharma is a Veteran owned and operated medical ancillary services organization. In 2015 Johnny Gilbert, Founder and CEO, launched in order to collaborate with Independent Primary Care Providers. Over the last 6 years he has personally witnessed many of the challenges Physicians are facing on a daily basis from increasing overhead, reimbursement obstacles from insurance companies, and of course staffing turnover. So, he adapted his company to meet these challenges.

50 million Americans have various types of allergies and are seeking long-term relief. Bird Dog’s In-Office Allergy Program covers everything from identifying those patients, to the point-of-care testing, treatment, billing, and ongoing support.

With just a simple finger-prick and 6-8 drops of blood they test for 165 allergens with results in their secure HIPAA Complaint lab portal in 3-4 days. From there, Physicians can view the patient test results and even order personalized immunotherapy drops, or shots. It’s literally that Simple!

So why do Physician’s partner with Bird Dog Pharma?

#1 they eliminate RISK for the PRACTICE:

  • There is no overhead!
  • There is nothing to buy as they provide everything
  • There are NO contracts
  • No minimum volumes
  • NO additional exam rooms or staffing required

#2 they eliminate risk for PATIENTS:

  • This is a simple, 2-minute finger-prick test
  • Zero risk of a patient having an anaphylactic reaction. ZERO!
  • It is SAFER than a skin-prick test
  • Better patient care for children, and parents LOVE this
  • And they bill everything IN-NETWORK!

#3 they are truly THE Experts in this space?

  • Board Certified Allergist and a Pharm-D with over 48 years of combined experience on their staff
  • They only use FDA Approved allergen extracts when mixing immunotherapy
  • They own the blood lab and the sterile compounding facility which means complete control over every aspect of the patient cycle

So what does this mean for Physicians?

  • Zero risk
  • SEAMLESS integration into their current workflow
  • Attract NEW PATIENTS with a new value-added service

Together, we will bridge the gap in allergy care by offering your patients in-office allergy services that will deliver better patient outcomes, increase continuity of care, and of course drive bottom line revenue.

Media Contact
Company Name: Bird Dog Pharma
Contact Person: Johnny G.
Email: Send Email
Phone: (713) 252-3579
Address:12242 Queenston Blvd Suite E
City: Houston
State: Texas 77095
Country: United States

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