Vending Machine Supplier Royal Vending Australia Offers Wide Choice in Customizable Vending Machines with Cashless Payment Options

July 06 15:30 2021
Royal Vending Australia is the new leader of all types of vending machines in Australia. It provides automated retail solutions that include combo vending, drinks vending, snack vending, office vending, gym vending, coffee vending, and fresh food vending machines. It also offers a free hire option.

According to announcements released by Royal Vending Australia, its customers can select the vending machine of their choice and even have it customized to suit their requirements. This leading supplier of vending machines offers ongoing technical support and training to ensure a long serviceable life for the machines and easy handling.

Its range of vending machines for sale in Australia includes combo vending, drink vending, snack vending, office vending, gym vending, coffee vending, and fresh food vending machines.  

Royal Vending Australia scores over its competitors because of the thought this business has put into selling products that fulfill requirements at low costs. The vending machines are easy to set up and simple to use. Prices can be set with a few pushes of a button. 

The company has verified through tests that their machines yielded more revenue than the competitors’ products because of their aesthetic appeal and neat designs. A standard 24-month warranty backs the machines. After the warranty period is over, the company makes parts available at rates of up to 50% less than what other brands charge. By partnering with the second-largest global supplier of vending machines, Royal Vending Australia accrues savings on its bulk purchases and then passes them to its customers. 

Great pricing and a robust customer service network are two reasons that give this business an edge over the competition. The machines installed by this firm are energy efficient and, over the years, deliver substantial savings to retailers, hotels, gas stations, takeaways, and other customers. 

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Harris Goonetilleke of Royal Vending Australia said, “We retail unique, modern machines that provide automated retail solutions for large companies. We can service vending machines all over the country. We are a leading seller of different vending machines, and our pricing is among the most competitive in the market. Our sales are backed by lifetime support. We can also customize the vending machines for various products.

Our provision of innovative cashless vending and retail catering solutions for businesses has proven to improve staff satisfaction, wellness, and productivity in the workplace. We are an Australian-based vending machine provider and operator who started in Sydney but have now expanded and servicing clients all over Australia.

We supply quality drink, snack and combination vending machines to businesses and organizations in the metropolitan area and surrounding suburbs.

We supply and maintain stylish and reliable vending machines free of charge to businesses and organizations throughout Australia. The process is simple. We provide you with a machine, stock it, and maintain it for the convenience of your staff or visitors.

 We can also wrap machines with brands and designs to ensure that your brand image and business are represented professionally. We have a designer who can create designs or designs can be provided to us.

We also supply the latest on cashless payment options on our vending machines. Along with accepting Mastercard, Visa, and Amex, we also have the options of paying with Apple Pay, Android Pay and more.”

About the Company:

Royal Vending Australia is a leading supplier of vending machines in Australia. The energy-efficient machines are available in a range of sizes for different locations and use. Businesses can either buy or install these vending machines under a free hire scheme. 

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Company Name: Royal Vending Australia
Contact Person: Harris Goonetilleke
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Phone: 1300 513 668
Address:Unit 101, 1-29 Bunn St, Pyrmont
City: Sydney
State: NSW, 2009
Country: Australia

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