The Brand Sunday has met a need for millennials most people wouldn’t think of as a need: Gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible

July 07 02:39 2021
The studies guides millennials into a closer relationship with God and helps them discover their life’s purpose.

The Bible is an ancient text filled with complex theological teachings that can be overwhelming to regular readers, especially millennials and Gen Z readers who grew up using a more simplified, modern form of English. The Brand Sunday understands how difficult this can be to those who want to grow in their faith but don’t know how.

“So many people want to grow in their faith but feel overwhelmed by the Bible. At The Brand Sunday, we create resources to make it easier for you to understand the Bible and to grow in your relationship with God,” stated Zach Windahl, founder of The Brand Sunday.

The need has made itself obvious as the brand has sold more than 250,000 copies of The Bible Study, Sunday’s hero product.

The success of the product can be attributed to its compelling visuals and user-friendly format. It is designed to inspire users to read through the entire Bible in a year. Aside from its one-year study roadmap, what makes Sunday’s The Bible Study unique is its weekly guidance and beautiful imagery and design. All these features together make studying the Bible simpler and more digestible.

“We wanted to meet people where they were already at,” Windahl said. This is exactly why if you are on social media lately, there is a good chance you will see one of the brand’s advertisements designed to appeal to a younger more aesthetically driven audience.

Driven by the success of The Bible Study, Sunday’s other products have expanded into the Best Season Planner and TBS: Youth Edition. The Best Season Planner is a three-month planner with a weekly focus on reflections. It has daily journal prompts and extra space to write down Sunday sermon notes. TBS: Youth Edition is catered to younger readers. It is an easy-to-follow framework that helps them better understand the Bible and feel confident in their faith.

Valentina, a happy customer, shared, “The Bible Study has been a very practical guide for me to stay accountable reading the Bible. I’ve learned so much through this process and have felt closer to the Lord than ever before.”

Customers and supporters can get weekly Bible study tips helping them dive deeper into their faith from Windahl by joining the website’s mailing list.

Windahl has helped thousands of people understand the Bible better and grow closer to God. Along with running The Brand Sunday, he is also the author of several books.The website offers free downloadable resources, including 7 Basics of Christianity, First Five Books of The Bible Study and The Bible Made Easy.

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