iHärz introduces an impressive health tracker that merges innovation and affordability

July 07 05:51 2021

iHärz™ Smartwatch tracker is going viral across the United States with a top-of-the-line health tracker that features blood pressure monitoring, Real-time Heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen, and more.

iHärz Health Tracker might be the best smartwatch health tracker available for under $100.

iHärz, which means “iHeart” in Swiss, is a startup that uses a direct-to-consumer model that cuts out distributors, wholesalers, and retail stores. 

“The iHärz health tracker is made at the same factories used by the high-quality brands, but we don’t inflate the cost artificially to make room for middlemen. Same materials and same factories as $400 to thousands of dollars brands, but we sell at a fraction of the price,” a representative of the company said in a statement. 

By cutting out all the stages between the initial cost of production and actually selling to the public, there’s a dramatic amount of money saved by customers without sacrificing quality. The result is an impressive Smartwatch health tracker that merges innovation, fashion, and affordability by enabling users to monitor their blood pressure, obtain real-time heart rate monitoring, blood oxygen, and more, starting at $99 — not $400.

The smartwatch also serves as a pedometer, which detects vertical movement at the hip, allowing the device to measure the number of steps and estimate the distance a user has walked.

“A 2020 study suggests that adults who take 8,000 or more steps each day have a lower risk of death from numerous diseases than those who take fewer than 4,000 steps each day,” the representative stressed. 

Individuals on a very tight diet could also count on the device to keep track of their daily activities and calories burned. They can use this information to make changes to their lifestyle, shed those excess fats, and live an empowering healthy lifestyle. 

The iHärz Health Tracker also allows users to attend to messages and calls at the flick of their wrist and never miss out on important notifications while they are wearing it. 

“The ease of having notifications sent to your wrist and being able to identify their importance without removing your phone from a pocket or bag is invaluable. That’s what iHärz brings,” the representative said.

A full charge of the device requires only about 2 hours, and the standby time can be up to 30 days with full power. Continuous use time is about 6+ days.            

Those who want to get their iHärz health tracker can get it for only $99.90 for a limited time.

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