PCR-Dx Diagnostic Announces its RT-PCR Testing Facility Expansion

July 07 12:09 2021
PCR-Dx Diagnostic announces its 2021 expansion of molecular testing facilities for infectious diseases.

PCR-Dx Diagnostic, the leading provider of molecular diagnostic solutions for medical professionals, Fortune 500 partners, and university athletics, announces its expansion to bring their groundbreaking molecular testing facility for infectious disease services into several new markets to accommodate its rapid growth and increased RT-PCR lab testing demand. 
In addition to the corporate headquarters in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, the new diagnostic labs will support the company’s growth strategy while providing molecular diagnostics for professionals in need of rapid testing for their patients, staff, athletics team, and more. Polymerase Chain Reaction Diagnostics, sometimes called molecular photocopying, is the fastest and most reliable technique used to “amplify” small segments of DNA. Since significant amounts of DNA are necessary for genetic and molecular analyses, it is nearly impossible to get results from small-isolated pieces of DNA without PCR amplification. 

After amplification, the DNA produced by Polymerase Chain Reaction can be used in a wide variety of laboratory procedures. From disease identification to sophisticated mapping techniques used in the Human Genome Project. Making PCR valuable in a number of laboratory and clinical techniques, including DNA fingerprinting, diagnosis of genetic disorders, and detection of viruses or bacteria. 
“The decision to expand our presence into these new markets was a logical step,” said Grady Phillips, president at PCR-Dx Diagnostic.  

“The areas are in deep need of molecular testing for infectious diseases. In addition, the areas feature diverse talent from well-known, highly prestigious universities, along with a variety of Fortune 500 companies that seek such testing solutions. We are proud to support the various agencies, clinics, departments, and more as we grow our teams, our business, and increase our ability to serve both current and future markets in RT-PCR, qPCR, and qRT-PCR.” 
PCR-Dx Diagnostic new location and 2021 expansion planning includes Alabama, Georgia, Colorado, and the New Orleans markets. 
For more information about PCR-Dx Diagnostics’ expansion, please visit the locations page at https://pcr-dx.com/locations/  
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About PCR-Dx Diagnostic 

PCR-Dx Diagnostic provides medical professionals with fast, molecular testing solutions for viral, bacterial, and fungal pathogens. Our testing methodologies reduce wait-time without compromising the quality of patient results. 
Our mission is to provide all-inclusive PCR-based diagnostic services to your clinic or business by providing fast and accurate test results, allowing medical professionals or analysis teams to make accurate diagnoses in their patients or cases in under 24 hours. PCR-Dx Diagnostic brings its cutting-edge diagnostic technology to doctors, specialists, medical professionals, law firms, forensic teams, and more. 
For more information on specific testing, and to see how PCR can serve you, visit us online at www.pcr-dx.com today. Accurate Testing, Accurate Results.

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