Outsmarting Online Threats in Udemy with a Free VPN Service

July 07 12:30 2021

Ever since the pandemic has struck the globe, people have been stuck indoors, causing work-from-home setup to happen. Because of this, working adults have more time to pursue other hobbies and interests. As for some professionals, the quarantine has a silver lining as it created enough time to enroll in short courses, this time via online.

One of the popular online course providers is Udemy. This webtool became a giant hit on young professionals because of its massive library of subjects and topics to choose from. Internet users may enroll in simple and basic courses like tailoring and gardening to adept corporate endeavors like photography and content writing, Udemy is certainly striking every boredom chord of people who want to learn and become experts at something.

Also, the good thing about Udemy is there are several specialists who offer free online courses, but if one wants to fully grasp a skill, that person needs to access the full online course which requires some cash.

To gain access to the full and in-depth online class, the user must key-in valuable personal information like name, address, contact details, and even credit card information. Doing this step may take a toll on the user’s cybersecurity as there have been several cases of cyber thieves stealing bank and credit card information from online purchasers.

Good thing, there is a simple way to ensure a layer of online safety and privacy to internet users, especially Udemy users who subscribe to paid online courses, and that is by connecting to a Virtual Private Network or a VPN.

What a VPN does is set-up a secure connection between the internet and the user’s device. With that process, the user’s online data will be transmitted to the encrypted virtual tunnel created by the VPN service. Hereby, the user’s IP address will be hidden from everyone, especially to the online threats like breachers and hackers.

There are several VPN apps available in the market and it is quite overwhelming to choose especially when someone is still a newbie. Fortunately, there is a free VPN service that is suitable for internet users who are enrolled and who are planning to enroll in an online course.

GoingVPN is the best free VPN app for online course takers. Without paying a single dime, users can experience a premium VPN service.

This free VPN app has an unlimited data bandwidth perfect for ultimate cybersecurity as it has no expiration. Users are protected anytime.

Also, GoingVPN provides a max speed for its users. This feature is perfect for online classes as students won’t experience any hassle, especially buffers and lags.

Not to mention, with this best free VPN’s tight encryption process, online course takers are assured that no one can trace nor record any online activities. 


Learning something new every single day is very important to every man’s growth. But, safety must always come first. And with online data becoming more vulnerable, it is significant that online users must take part in being concerned about this.

With the help of the best free VPN app, GoingVPN, online users are ensured that every move on the internet will be protected and not be seen by anyone.

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