EVP Hunter Brings The Next Wave in Ghost Hunting Technology

July 07 22:51 2021
The EVP Hunter mobile app allows users to detect and analyze a variety of electronic voice phenomena.

After gaining visibility through films, TV, and social media, ghost hunting has been growing in popularity. New technologies have provided a boost to this field, allowing for innovative ways of detecting and communicating with supernatural beings. BluFly Matrix’s new EVP Hunter app includes a variety of innovations for easier detection, communication, and analysis of spirit phenomena. 

With the EVP Hunter app, the BluFly Matrix team has taken ghost hunting from pure entertainment to an exact science. The app allows users to do their own spirit investigations without the need for extra equipment or extensive expertise. The app uses smartphone sensors to detect, record, and display voice phenomena and other anomalies.

The EVP Hunter app presents complex data and functions in a simple, easy-to-use interface, making ghost hunting accessible to beginners. The app is also useful for more experienced hunters and ghost hunting teams working on field trips, integrating multiple inputs and graphs for more effective detection and analysis. EVP Hunter can be used in stand-alone mode, or overnight in active mode for more extensive searches and field trips.

EVP Hunter’s interface includes a variety of capabilities such as recording, storing files and analyzing readings. Users can store recordings in the file section of the app and use the analyzer page to review recordings at different speeds. Users can also bring other files into the app for better analysis. 

EVP Hunter was developed by the BluFly Matrix Software Development team, a group of experts that has developed a number of apps for ghost hunting, including their Ghost Hunter and Quick EMF Meter apps. Their technologies are useful for a variety of different purposes and aim to eventually develop the resources to establish communication with the spirit realms. The BluFly Matrix team is dedicated to making their apps easy to use, and providing all the technology needed in the spirit hunting community.

EVP Hunter is available on the Google Play store.

More information on BluFly Matrix and its apps can be found on the BluFly Matrix website.

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