Introducing Cơ khí Intech who specializes in precision mechanical processing for factories, enterprises, and manufacturing enterprises

July 07 22:10 2021

Choosing a company that specializes in precision machining can be a daunting task. When choosing a deployment unit, no one can be sure that the unit they choose is really reputable to trust and invest a huge amount of money. Businesses often wonder about the level of quality they receive and whether the product after being processed is really satisfied and quality. However, a number of companies specializing in precision engineering have proven themselves to thousands of customers. One such unit is Cơ khí Intech.

Cơ khí Intech specializes in precision mechanical processing for factories, enterprises, and manufacturing enterprises with good quality and cost savings. This is a reputable unit for any factory or business that wants to find a reputable precision mechanical processing unit to process machine parts, jigs, products of turning, milling, cutting, … With more than 10 years of experience in precision mechanical processing, Cơ khí Intech has quickly risen to the top and is now one of the biggest names in Vietnam in the field of mechanical processing.

About Cơ khí Intech

Cơ khí Intech belongs to Intech Holdings – A company specializing in CNC precision machining including: machining parts, jigsaw processing, jig machining, CNC turning, CNC milling, CNC laser cutting, … These are the main areas that are being focused on developing.

Currently, in Vietnam, there are many small factories that do precision mechanical processing, it is easy to find, but the standard amount of work required to process for foreign partners, export or process for foreign partners. Major domestic partners are few and difficult to find, which is a huge obstacle when many partners want to localize components and details in Vietnam but cannot find a reliable and qualified partner.

Cơ khí Intech has been a reliable destination for many partners in recent years, we constantly invest in machinery and equipment, improve production, improve quality and professionalism to meet the needs of today a high of customers.


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