The Grand opening of “Haizhiwan-Jiangbei” indicates that Jiangbei new area will usher in a new era

July 08 02:12 2021

On the morning of June 8, “Haizhiwan-Jiangbei” grand opening in Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park, with the attendance of relevant leaders from Nanjing City and Nanjing Jiangbei New Area.

On this event, Jiang Huarong, the director of Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park, introduced the construction of “Haizhiwan-Jiangbei” International Talent Block, and video-linked the representatives of overseas cooperation institutions and talents to be admitted to the new area, and Peng Meng, an overseas high-level talent from Nanjing Chu Hang Technology Co. The relevant leaders of Nanjing City and Jiangbei New Area awarded the apartment keys to the representatives of high-level talents to be admitted to the Bay on site.

Located in the core area of the national Jiangbei New Area and the Pilot Free Trade Zone, the “Haizhiwan – Jiangbei” International Talent Block is located in the Industrial Technology Research and Creation Park, which mainly consists of talent apartments, dual-creation service centers, incubation centers, living facilities and other elements to provide overseas talents visiting the Jiangbei New Area (Pilot Free Trade Zone) for the first time with consultation and answers, living transition, job matching, business start-up, and so on. It provides one-stop services for overseas talents visiting Jiangbei New Area (FTZ) for the first time, such as consultation, life transition, employment matching and business incubation. For enterprises in the key areas of the leading industries in the New Area, the newly introduced high-end talents are rewarded for their economic contribution; the scientific and creative carriers, “turnkey” apartment support, study subsidies and one-time living subsidies are provided for the talents to effectively solve their worries about landing and living in the New Area, so that overseas talents can sincerely settle in the New Area.

The new district anchors the three emerging industries of integrated circuit, biomedicine and new finance as the focus of industrial development in the new district, and strives to build the city of chips, the city of genes and the new financial center, so as to plant the foundation of industry for the gathering of talents. We are building the Kunpeng Ecological Industrial Base to build a computer industry chain with independent control and complete system; linking the upstream and downstream industries of “chips”, building the IC design service industry innovation center and EDA innovation center to support the development of the whole industry chain covering chip design, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing, terminal manufacturing, etc. Focusing on “gene” proposition, we will improve the whole chain of R&D service system covering biological sample rendezvous, multi-omics discovery, data rehearsal, clinical transformation and new drug creation service.

Innovation is the source of development. Led by key innovation platforms such as Nanjing Science and Innovation Center of Cambridge University and National Gene and Cell Laboratory, the new zone has gathered top science and innovation resources at home and abroad. Many public technology service platforms and innovative laboratories covering integrated circuits, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, intelligent manufacturing, life and health, etc. have been built, and talents can enjoy the support of all-technology innovation services when they land. Positioning to build a city that is “good for business, good for capital and good for living”, the construction of “Haizhiwan-Jiangbei” international talent neighborhood is integrated into the overall planning strategy of the research and innovation park, and the high-end innovation carrier and entrepreneurial environment are built to adapt to international thinking.

The reason why Nanjing Jiangbei New Area has achieved high development speed and quality is because of the core of talent. The New District is constantly gathering global innovation resources, creating the best innovation ecology, and striving to build an industrial innovation center with global influence, and welcomes more outstanding overseas talents to join “Haizhiwan – Jiangbei” and walk hand in hand with Nanjing Jiangbei New District.

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