Rovo Press, the PR startup disrupting the media industry, one article at a time

July 08 04:27 2021

Hiring PR agencies in 2021 is simply out of the realm of the budget of most small businesses. $5,000 monthly retainers, 12-month contracts. All to get posted on a few regional news sites. Maybe worth it for a company worth 9 figures, but for your normal business, this is not worth it at all.

Founder of Rovo Press Adam James is spearheading the disruption of the PR market by reducing the barrier to entry most small businesses face when trying to get press coverage.

“I was running a marketing agency at the time and getting incredible results (driving up to 7 figures of directly attributable revenue per client in some cases), yet found that putting these stats on my site didn’t increase appointment booking rates as much as I expected. Which was crazy to me at the time.”

“I began reading into conversion rate optimization heavily, and came across case studies of companies who had put ‘As featured in’ logos on their website, showing all the news sites that had talked about them, and had then seen really big increases in conversion rates.”

“So I spoke to a PR agency, who said they could do it if I got onto a 12 month, $3,000 a month contract. I wasn’t going to pay that.”

“So I did it myself. In doing it for myself, I found a way to do it for 1% of the retainer cost, and offer it to the market at a price that every business could afford.”

With Rovo Press clients ranging from E-Commerce brands and SaaS companies, who see a rise in conversion rate of up to 50%.

Right through to local Bakeries and plumbers using it to increase the percentage of site visitors who turn into inquiries.

Rovo Press is catering to clients of every industry, of any country.

“We have lots of clients in the US, UK, France, Australia. All over. The power of increased trust and authority that seeing these logos brings is universal. If I’m a potential customer looking through a website, and I see that they’ve been featured in CBS or NBC, Then immediately my brain is saying ‘they must be good if they’ve been featured on a news site like that’.”

With less than 15 minutes of input required from the customer, Rovo Press’ journalist team craft an expertly written article about their client. They then run a telephone campaign, to cold and warm contacts in the industry, to get their article posted.

“We have a straightforward process that allows us to get everyday brands and businesses onto the top news networks. For a fraction of the industry-standard pricing.”

For more information on Rovo Press, please visit their website below.

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