The Medicinal Psychedelics Industry Is Surging And Global Trac Solutions’ “Psychedelic Spotlight” Is Leading The Charge (OTCMKTS: PSYC)

July 08 07:28 2021

Psychedelic Spotlight has become the undisputed leader in providing timely and accurate information about an emerging and lucrative treatment market- medicinal psychedelics. Even better, while the website is best-in-class for users, it also provides investors exposure to a multi-billion-dollar market through its owner, Global Trac Solutions, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSYC

In fact, by being the go-to source on medicinal psychedelics, PSYC’s Psychedelic Spotlight does more than publish compelling and timely information for readers, investors, and consumers about the sector. It brings one of the few direct investment opportunities into an industry bringing meaningful change to how patients get treated for many medical conditions. And growth in the sector likely translates to an increase in Psychedelic Spotlight’s user base. That, in turn, could drive revenues for PSYC. 

And that could be happening already. In fact, Psychedelic Spotlight is gaining user traction, growing substantially in visits since its 2020 launch. In June, PSYC reported that the website reached its highest monthly user totals ever, coming in over 25% higher than the previous month. That comes as interest in the industry continues to surge, making Psychedelic Spotlight’s contribution that much more valuable. Even better, the increasing attention to the industry shows no signs of stopping, which could be a substantial value driver for Global Trac Solutions.

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Medicinal Psychedelics Earns Mainstream Attention

One thing to bear in mind is that the medicinal psychedelics industry is different from nostalgic recreational use. Perhaps the most critical distinction is that the medicinal function provides a competitively beneficial alternative to prescription drugs that often have severe side effects. Moreover, properly introduced, industry experts think their use can follow the same regulatory path as CBD, which became a multi-billion-dollar treatment alternative after less than a decade in the markets. In fact, there are several similarities in the trajectory of medicinal psychedelics that suggests that mainstream adoption will happen sooner rather than later. Deservedly so. 

In studies, medicinal psychedelics show tremendous potential to treat mental and physical conditions, with data suggesting benefits for chronic pain, depression, and PTSD. And with Psychedelic Spotlight publishing a comprehensive variety of up-to-date information, those interested in those benefits can find out everything they need to know at a single source. Better still, the website is an abundant resource of information for researchers, making it a powerful tool for academia as well.

In fact, Psychedelic Spotlight, hands down, is the most all-inclusive resource for investors, clients, and patients to seek out news in the industry. Moreover, it’s one of the only platforms that regularly allows experts in the field to contribute information that benefits readers, researchers, and providers alike. That information comes in the form of commentary, videos, news, and culture pieces that cater to audiences from all backgrounds, which also helps solidify Psychedelic Spotlight as the leading source of information in the industry.

The Times They Are A’ Changing

Know this- the therapeutic advancements in the psychedelics sector are evidence-based and supported by esteemed professionals. Moreover, ongoing trials and studies continue to add to volumes of data supporting the promise of these therapies as a viable and effective alternative to standard-of-care medicines. And Psychedelic Spotlight is usually the first to publish updates regarding these studies to inform about safe and regulated medicinal use. That makes the site invaluable to the sector’s growth. 

Psychedelic Spotlight also helps to erase the previously taboo nature of the psychedelics industry by offering its readers facts instead of conjecture. Even better, it breaks a decades-long coverup of psychedelics’ potential as a treatment alternative and provides a welcoming forum for public opinion. And from an investor’s perspective, the site offers up-to-the-minute news and events that could impact an investment. That’s valuable as well. 

Moreover, with society more receptive than ever to embrace alternative medical treatment, these forums provide compelling and civil debate about the sector’s future. Remember, just five years ago, the public perception of CBD was mostly negative; however, a majority of states now allow for the sale and use of regulated CBD treatments for multiple conditions. 

In fact, CBD as an alternative to opioids has shown compelling results in treating patients with anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and other conditions. And its mainstream acceptance has happened quickly. Many experts believe that the psychedelics sector will mirror that growth, with expectations that the industry will see similar mainstream adoption in the next five years. 

And therein lay the value proposition for PSYC and its flagship asset, Psychedelic Spotlight. In fact, at $0.02 per share, the investment consideration is compelling.

Partnerships Across The Industry Help The Source Thrive

Better still, investors could be buying into a company in hyper-growth mode. PSYC has formed partnerships with established researchers to strengthen its credibility and stay up to date on sector developments. These mutually beneficial connections boost growth on both sides, creating win-win opportunities for everyone involved. In fact, Psychedelic Spotlight’s partnership with The Conscious Fund and 15% investment stake in PsycheDEV Inc. are already creating shareholder value. Better still, that value is expected to grow as both of those companies continue to penetrate their respective market interests. 

Like its own website, The Conscious Fund provides a platform for “all things” psychedelic with an intense focus on research. Partnering expertise, the combined mission highlights alternative treatments utilizing plant-based therapeutics derived from ketamine, mushrooms, and MDMA. Its message intends to erase the stigma associated with these drugs and highlight the benefits they offer for numerous patient health issues. 

Additionally, PSYC secured a 15% ownership in PsycheDev Inc. PsycheDev’s mission is to provide guided trips programs and tools to facilitate growth by helping people better understand themselves and others. Its innovative approach to treatment creates an experience that develops a patient’s psyche from its everyday ways to a deeper inner world. Its goal is to help clients achieve an experience that develops the mind by guiding them through intention setting, meditation, learning, contemplation, and questioning. Innovative for sure. And demand is rising. 

Moreover, with PSYC having financial skin in the game, expect them to rally behind the growth of both missions. That, again, can be great news for shareholders.

Expanding Market Opportunities In A Mushrooming Industry

Keep in mind, too, even though it’s still in its developmental stages, the medicinal psychedelics industry is projected to hit a $6.85 billion valuation within 6 years. Even better, expectations are for the growth curve to steepen as more data is made available showing benefits to treat a more extensive range of medical conditions. 

Already, experts believe the use of medicinal psychedelics can effectively treat mental disorders, anxiety, and chronic pain. In fact, trials have shown that psilocybin treatments can significantly benefit patients with depression and sidestep the adverse side effects of heavily prescribed medicines. Better still, there is promising evidence that psychedelic therapies can allow patients to live their lives without any of the physical side effects associated with traditional pharmaceutical treatments, especially those that can have side effects worse than the original condition. 

Undoubtedly, there is a need for better treatment. And while psychedelics treatment isn’t for everyone, expect there to be substantial global demand nonetheless. And as more research demonstrates positive effects in treating numerous mental and physical conditions, big pharma may see yet another slice of its market share evaporate as it did with CBD. And, the already massive surge of the psychedelics industry could be the precursor for much more to come. 

In fact, despite the markets offering billions in market opportunity today, the next few years can be an exponential period of growth for the sector. And it’s not a matter of if; it’s now a matter of when this industry will mushroom into a mainstream treatment market. According to papers on Psychedelic Spotlight, it’s happening faster than anyone would have ever imagined. 

Expect both Psychedelic Spotlight and PSYC to benefit from that surge.


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