‘Kid Kredit’ Inks Multimillion-dollar Partnership To Battle Child Identity Theft

July 08 08:28 2021
‘Kid Kredit’ Inks Multimillion-dollar Partnership To Battle Child Identity Theft
As youth ID theft rises during the COVID-19 pandemic, a 13-year-old credit and identity theft prevention influencer is now ready to launch a limited-edition children’s book bundled with a credit protection subscription.

The poster boy for exposing the epidemic of child identity theft announced today that he is partnering with credit recovery company Kredit Koncepts to release a new book designed to keep kids safe online.

Preston K. Luzunaris, widely known as “Kid Kredit,” is a 13-year-old credit recovery and identity theft influencer and entrepreneur who has been working to raise awareness about the millions of children victimized by identity thieves. The problem has only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, largely due to remote learning.

Now, he has released his first children’s book, “Kid Kredit: Who Stole My Identity?” The book uses full-color, 3-D illustrations to highlight the top ways children have their identity stolen. “Who Stole My Identity” is the first book in the Kid Kredit series. It focuses on a bright young college student, Candice, who is excited about her future until it all comes crashing down when she finds out her identity has been stolen. It’s now up to Kid Kredit to help Candice trace the trail of theft and reclaim her identity.

Copies of the limited-edition book will come with two free one-year Equifax Complete Premier™ identity theft protection memberships that protect two parents and up to four children. Equifax Complete Premier, valued at $239 each for an annual subscription, allows members to monitor a credit file across all three reporting agencies. The service also provides members up to $1 million in identity theft protection, 3-bureau credit scores, webscan notifications, lost wallet assistance, and more… Minors can also lock their credit files until they are of age to begin using credit. 

Preston Luzunaris has been living and breathing credit recovery and identity safety since his infancy via his father Quincy Luzunaris, a credit recovery expert and the owner of Kredit Koncepts Financial Service.

Young Luzunaris said the problem of child identity theft has only intensified as the pandemic has forced school kids everywhere to learn and play virtually.

“During COVID-19, kids are remote learning with no training on how to safely navigate the internet,” Luzunaris said. “It was very important that I not only provide a way for parents to protect their children’s identity but also their own identity as well. This book not only shows you the dangers of child identity theft but also provides the solution.”

Another highlight of the Kid Kredit book launch is the integration into the New York City School System. New Visions Charter High School for the Humanities is New York’s top charter school. They have a top graduation rate of 100 percent. “My goal is to make sure every child’s identity is protected,” said Magaly Hicks, principal of New Visions. “Who Stole My Identity?” book provides the education and protection my students need to ensure safety as we transition from remote learning. The fact that this book also protects both parents, makes it a mandatory need that all schools should follow.” 

Kid Kredit “Who Stole My Identity?” can be pre-ordered at www.kidkredit.org

About Kid Kredit

Preston K. Luzunaris, also known as “Kid Kredit,” is one of America’s youngest credit professionals and innovative kid entrepreneurs. As the founder of his firm that educates young people about child identity theft and money management, he personally trains and educates individuals in the areas of personal credit, identity security, and early-stage financial patterns.

For more information about Kid Kredit, go to https://www.kidkredit.org. Follow Kid Kredit on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter at @kidkredit.

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