Stand Out From the Crowd With Black Rooster

July 09 00:27 2021
Black female owned lifestyle brand offers unique pieces that represent one’s identity.

It’s easy to buy clothes off the retail market and wear it over and over again. It may not exactly be a unique piece but it’s useful and people often wear it until they outgrow it. However, finding a clothing piece that captures one’s personality is rare to find. This is the story of Black Rooster, a black female owned lifestyle brand with one-of-a-kind products that celebrate individuality and uniqueness.

According to Terri Jones Salter, the founder of Black Rooster, they want to be the brand that celebrates people’s uniqueness. Specifically, she said, “I create products in which uniqueness and difference is celebrated and not mocked. Our brand name reflects those who see themselves as rare, special and unique as the Black Rooster, aka Ayam Cemani.” For those who are not familiar, the black rooster is rare because it is purely black, from its feathers, beak, bones, meat, and even the eggs it lays. Likewise, Black Rooster, bearing its name, aims to speak to and reach out to those who are special in their own way.

Black Rooster, which offers a wide array of products for both men and women, has a clothing line, shoes, bags, accessories, and even empowering books. They are like a one stop shop for people who want to stand out from the crowd. And as a brand who values equality and puts their customers first, they also have plus size options for their apparel.

Each and every product at Black Rooster is an epitome of uniqueness. They have established such a specific target market that even their collections represent a certain cause or movement. For example, their clothing line has different collections such as Unapologetically Black, Unity, and Female Empowerment. Talk about a brand that knows its place in the industry.

As Black Rooster continuously establishes itself as a premium lifestyle brand, their catalog is not only unique but is also made with the finest quality and original designs. It is guaranteed that all merchandise purchased from Black Rooster is truly one of a kind so its customers can proudly flaunt their purchases knowing that they own something special, well crafted and unique. Customer reviews also attest to how much their products are being well appreciated across the United States.

Stand out and live confidently. Check out Black Rooster’s apparel, footwear, merchandise and empowering books by visiting their website at

About Black Rooster

Black Rooster is a premium lifestyle brand that caters to both men and women. They offer original apparel, footwear, gifts and empowering books.

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