Nina Ross Releases The Ultimate Guide To Set Up All Corporate HR Departments

July 13 01:54 2021
Nina Ross is a Business Operations Consultant. Her YouTube Channel helps business owners and managers solve problems: human resources, emergency planning, business process development, problem-solving, etc.

USA – Many businesses complain about their HR department appearing to get stuck in a rut. Employees look as if they have nothing to do, thus failing to maximize the HR Department’s role in protecting companies and assets. The Human Resources Department can do more to protect businesses and assets. Business owners are dependent on and expect the HR professionals’ skills and expertise to cover all the basics. Nina Ross is a Business Operations Consultant, who in her YouTube video, highlights fifteen projects that human resource professionals should include in their job duties to elevate the company’s reputation to future employees and others!

When it comes to human resources, the most common tasks that come to mind typically involve recruitment, documentation, and termination of staff. Corporate owners should consider adding additional duties geared towards the retention of employees and overall corporate perception. Since 2003, Nina noted that company owners or managers may occasionally complain negatively about employee behavior. Nina stated, “when a business owner complains negatively about an employee, it is a chance to create a new employment policy.”

Visit the State employment website where the company resides regularly. Ensure the company is compliant with the basic State guidelines. According to Nina, “HR and bookkeeping are two neglected departments.  Management tends to overlook these departments until there is a problem.” Human Resource managers should stay proactive to ensure that minimal problems arise. 

Nina recommends looking, anticipating, and analyzing issues arising in the company. Update and establish written business processes for essential tasks. To ensure compliance, review each employee’s personnel folder.  Separate and secure all sensitive documents (e.g., medical and wage information). Human Resources should collect emergency contact information for all employees, then establish written policies on who can access this information as well as when and how to utilize this critical information. Create written HR processes for all important functions within the company. As a plus, Nina recommends checking and updating the employee manual regularly.

Human Resource professionals sometimes complain about feeling underutilized at work. For them, Nina suggests reviewing federal websites such as the National Labor Relations Board, the Department of Labor and other similar websites to stay informed on the latest policy updates.  Documents related to employee recruitment and hiring should be regularly reviewed and updated. Create written pre-hiring processes and update as needed. Additionally, schedule a meeting with the business owner and other management teams to learn about their human resource expectations. Specifically, ask each Manager or business owner directly about their vision as it relates to the human resources department. 

Performance management is crucial to any business. On the YouTube channel, Business Operations, Management and HR, Nina aims to educate business owners. She offers management training for business operations, human resources, and management. 

In one of Nina’s recent video, she discusses how to build a company’s perception on various sites like Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and other professional social media websites. Nina recommends that Human Resource professionals regularly update these pages, answer all the comments and update the company’s free page regularly. Identify the culture and core values of the company to help future employees understand how staff and management interact. Build a corporate culture worth showcasing. Ensure all company social media pages are promoted and provide clear insight as to how management and employees interact. 

Business owners must take steps to provide the HR department with guidance. The professionals in human resources must develop a proactive approach to the position, preparing for issues ahead of time. Human Resource professionals can do so much more for a company. Learn what other tasks the HR department can do by watching this video and subscribe to Nina’s YouTube channel today

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