DraftKings showcases the NBA merch that could help investors grow their portfolio this season

July 15 20:45 2021
DraftKings has found that NBA non-fungible tokens are insanely profitable, rivaling the most coveted NBA merchandise products, with owners usually making over 1000% on their original purchase.

Daily fantasy sports brand DraftKings is leading the way in showcasing top NBA merchandise items that could make investors $1000 this season, especially with the record-breaking sales of NBA memorabilia this year.

Staying on the game’s pulse is critical for those interested in NBA memorabilia, classic jerseys, rooking trading cards, or NFTs as investments. 

DraftKings itself has taken a shot at learning all about NBA collectors’ items. 

“We’ve found price differences between new and signed jerseys, plus the most valuable rookie trading cards,” a company representative said in a statement.

For instance, DraftKings said after the untimely death of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant last year, demand for Kobe merchandise skyrocketed. A Kobe jersey now adds 9171% in value compared to an unsigned jersey.

Both sentiment and history are attached to such items, DraftKings explains, which is why a Goldin Auctions Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls jersey is set to fetch higher than $500,000. 

“Along with signatures, history, sentiment, and player status are massive contributors to memorabilia value,” the representative said.

DraftKings has also led the pack in looking at the most expensive rookie trading cards sold on eBay. The company said A 1986 Jordan card was listed on eBay for a staggering $295,400 and sold to the highest bidder for $414,544.

DraftKings said investors could seize the chance to get their hands on a rooking trading card. A card featuring the next Jordan, for instance, could be worth hundreds of thousands, even millions.

DraftKings has also found that NBA NFTs or non-fungible tokens are insanely profitable, rivaling the most coveted NBA merchandise products, with owners usually making over 1000% on their original purchase. 

NFTs, the buzzy new use of blockchain technology that allows investors to buy and sell digital products by inscribing ownership records, is all the rage in NBA merch right now.

“While physical memorabilia may be seen as more of a long-term investment for purists, NBA NFTs are shaking up the collectibles world, offering an excitingly lucrative short-term option,” the representative said in a statement.

High values often correlate with legends of the game – Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Larry Bird.

For instance, in the case of Luka Doncic, though only in his third NBA season, a rookie trading card has sold for a record-breaking sum. One savvy collector saw the stats this youngster is racking up and invested in this unique card.

Investors looking to start investing in Top Shot or NFTs or rookie trading cards can learn more by visiting the DraftKings website.

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