How Long Does Ukrainian Surrogacy Take? What Are the Key Steps?

July 15 22:10 2021
How Long Does Ukrainian Surrogacy Take? What Are the Key Steps?

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What are the process and steps for Ukrainian surrogacy? Here is the outline of a surrogacy program and what intended parents can expect. Everyone would like it to be done overnight. Keep in mind the ultimate goal is the birth of a healthy child. Screening to get the very best donors and surrogates, as well as excellent embryology and constant quality medical care throughout the pregnancy, are essential to a successful Ukrainian surrogacy and a healthy and happy child!

What Are the Steps In Ukrainian Surrogacy?

How Do They Affect the Cost of Surrogacy In Ukraine?

This is an important question every couple considering surrogacy asks. 

The easy answer is between 11-15 months.

The more complicated and precise answer is that it depends on intended parents, some on biology, and a bit on luck. Some things can be completely controlled, and others, like the timing of a surrogate’s menstrual cycle, are uncontrollable.

Here are the most important steps:

The documentation process at the beginning should go quickly 1-2 months. It has taken less than 3 weeks or more than 3 months. Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency provides intended parents with all the instructions and walks them through the process, but intended parents have to be the ones signing their signatures and getting them notarized, apostilled, or legalized in a specific way necessary in their country and state.

Delivering Dreams has doctors look at intended parents’ test results to get their feedback and questions to help them make the best decision about the type of surrogacy they should pursue and the surrogacy program they might want to ensure success without overpaying for more than you need.

Shipping sperm or embryos come next or traveling to Ukraine to do a stimulation and egg retrieval there.

Donor matching depends on the intended parents’ requirements. Delivering Dreams provides a handful of profiles that meet the intended parent’s requirements and are available within their timeline. Intended parents will continue to see donor profiles until finding one they love. This process can take days or weeks. There are lots of donors, but every couple has to find the one that is perfect for them.

Once a donor has chosen intended parents have to wait for her cycle then stimulation and then egg retrieval takes about 10 days.

The embryos are cultured for 5-6 days. PGD (NGS) testing is recommended on the viable blastocysts to isolate genetic abnormalities. This process takes about 3 weeks for results.

Once the happy healthy embryos are ready to go, intended parents are matched with a surrogate. There are surrogates available right away. Like with donors, it needs to be someone the couple feels comfortable and confident having as their surrogate. This process can take a week or a month.

Surrogate stimulation takes 45-60 days depending on where the surrogate is in her cycle before transferring the embryo.

Then ten days before the pregnancy test.

The process can be sped up by choosing donors and surrogates that are ready to go in their cycle, completing documentation quickly, and getting Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency started planning shipping as early as possible.

There are also opportunities to slow things down. Why? Intended parents may want to do this to spread out payments. Since the payments happen according to events and not dates, the payments are spread over the entire pregnancy process. If the couple wants to they can start the documentation process and delay at several points – before they or their donor starts stimulation, before their surrogate starts stimulation. This can help with the cost of surrogacy.

This can allow intended parents to spread out the payments over a much longer time if they would like. Sometimes couples delay the process to try to avoid local holidays, aim for a time they have off from work and can travel or avoid cold weather. 

After the pregnancy and delivery, the timing of getting exit documentation depends on the country. US and Ireland are usually the fastest, UK takes the longest. Delivering Dreams International Surrogacy Agency expedites everything to minimize the couple’s stay and help them exit Ukraine and get home. 

There are things that can throw the timing off. Holidays, menstrual cycles, and biology don’t follow the schedule one would like.

Now is the time to start.

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